What is a designer to do? Is he to serve the client, the consumer, both? Should a designer take into account other professions, other schools of thought and integrate them into his/her design? How does the work we produce affect culture, politics, economics? These are some of the questions that surround the world of design today. As a group of thinkers, we can’t help but question more than our target audience, we need to question ourselves in the process.

Having realized that in the midst of technical teachings and concept development courses, Design Thinking is not something that is being taught in schools, Bryony approached Portfolio Center in order to change that. During the quarter, each student explored issues in the design world that they felt passionate about, and with Bryony’s guidance explored personal boundaries and discovered design writing.

In the end, each student published their essays on Speak Up and was able to receive additional commentary and insightful opinions from professionals and students around the world.

Published essays:

Keep It Simple, Stupid: The Case for Reviving Communication
By Robin Fuller

ADHD, Creativity, & The Commercial Art Industry
By Justin Genovese

Designing for Deception
By Marissa Kraxberger

Condemned Paper
By Cassidy Phipps

Design Entrepreneurship: Is It Right For You?
By Chalida Tiyasuksawad

Life is Choices
By Julie Jawor

Will I?
By Michelle Armas

If you’re Bad we’re Going to McDonalds
By Anna Addison

An homogenized world?
By Courtney Hoover

Serving It Up
By Joel Wheat