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JCJ Architecture Identity

With offices in Boston, Hartford, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and San Diego and expertise in civic, corporate, education, hospitality and science & technology markets, JCJ Architecture is a highly prolific firm that designs and builds at the local, regional and global level. UnderConsideration was brought in to revitalize their identity in a way that marked an evolution from their 2006 name change and identity.

For over two years JCJ Architecture employed the venerable Helvetica Neue as their wordmark and in all of their identity materials — as a type family digitized in 1983 and based on the design of the popular Helvetica, created in 1957, we felt a typeface created in the twenty-first century was necessary. The new wordmark uses Apex New, designed in 2006 by Chester Jenkins, that maintains the structure of the old one (shown below, left) but provides a renewed visual execution.

JCJ Architecture Logo, Before and After

With Apex New established as the type family for JCJ Architecture we developed a basic lock-up system for both their tag line and the different markets they work in.

JCJ Architecture Identity, Lock-ups

The stationery is straightforward, with the letterhead allowing for the generous amount of information that an architecture firm regularly communicates with while the business card packs a red punch in the back that helps establish the bold color as intrinsic to the identity.

JCJ Architecture Stationery

One of the most important needs for JCJ Architecture was an adaptable system for their myriad communications needs, whether they are for approaching potential clients, responding to Requests for Proposals, maintaining their existing clients informed of their project’s progress, or cataloguing their work. To help establish a consistent visual cue, we focused on the union between “JCJ” and “architecture” drawing a line from the angle of the “A”, creating a bold visual statement that identifies any and all documents issued by JCJ Architecture.

JCJ Architecture Identity, Angle

Note: All the following images are prototypes and do not represent actual documents.

JCJ Architecture Brochures, Front

A simple grid, hinged at the center, for the front and back covers establishes consistency and allows for flexibility in printing methods, whether they are full-bleed brochures printed offset or bordered printouts from the office laser printer. The combination of red, black and white also allows for variety.

JCJ Architecture Brochures, Back

JCJ Architecture Other Samples

Unlike other projects we undertake, we had the opportunity to work with the in-house design team of JCJ Architecture, who provided very valuable insight into their specific needs and helped us craft an expandable system that they could then implement moving forward.