About Dyslexflix

There is no denying that the full-circle experience of watching movies at home has been radically changed — for better or for worse, something we are not here to judge or question — by Netflix. Its thousands and thousands of subscribers are only an indication of its popularity, and from this collective of movie fans and super smart databases, scripts and other Internet magic, Netflix has generated — we say “generated” because the technicalities of the process evade us — a very effective recommendation system that reacts to users’ whims and their commitment to clicking on those rating stars. Of course, this is not perfect, and Netflix is betting one million U.S. dollars that it can be improved through the Netflix Prize and the brains of really brilliant people who understand this sort of thing. We certainly don’t.

But what we can do — as some odd form of public service — is generate a collection of wrong recommendations. Whether this is useful or not is questionable, but we are assuming that, at the very least, it will be an entertaining exercise. So if you’ve fumed at Netflix for recommending Casanova after you really enjoyed Casablanca, then Dyslexflix is for you.

Dyslexflix = Dyslexic + Netflix
(Funny, no?)

We are in no way affiliated with Netflix or the Netflix Prize. No one has paid us anything — certainly not a million dollars — to start this web site. We, the editors, won’t link movies directly to Netflix to avoid any claims that we are using this site to drive traffic to Netflix; we will link to IMDB or Amazon.

We should also point out that this site in no way intends to ridicule or belittle Netflix and its recommendation system. This is a lighthearted reaction to the ongoing interest in Netflix and the Netflix Prize.

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