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Sediment Press Business Cards


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Charles Robertson



Tim Lovelace & Charles Robertson

The passage of time has been good to Sediment Press. Alluding to both the progress the business has made and the layering of ink in the silkscreen process, these cards say both “there’s no rush” and “look at what amazing possibilities can come with time.” The hand-lettered type keeps it all light and friendly, with just a touch of heavy metal portraiture. Rock on.  




Quantity Produced

1,250 each of 2 lots

Production Cost

Production Time

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

3.5 × 2 in

Page Count

Paper Stock

Cougar / Super Smooth Cover / 130#DTC
Neenah / Gainsborough  / Charcoal / Felt / 80# CVR

Number of Colors






Sediment Press Business Cards
Sediment Press Business Cards
Sediment Press Business Cards
Sediment Press Business Cards
Sediment Press Business Cards
Sediment Press Business Cards ---

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Project Description

Having over a year of collaborating experience between the two of them, Tim and Charles of Sediment Press set out to create the business cards that would represent the progress they had achieved as an up and coming small business. Duplexing paper, a process Sediment became familiar with on a project from a few months before, was going to be a must in their cards. The paper also needed to have a texture on one side to make the card even more tangible. Sediment's name stems from the idea of layers of rock, or in this case ink, being pressed and flatted down on top of one another. The duplexing procedure added to the idea of layers of print. The business card card was designed so that upon holding the card for the first time, a person might simply say "Wow, that's an awesome card!". Gone are the typical polished typefaces the design community is all too familiar with. The text on the card required a handwritten touch, while still remaining professional. While a project like this might not be suitable (or cost effective!) for the average client, it does portray the diverse landscape of products that both a traditional and contempoary screen printer can achieve.

Production Lesson(s)

When duplexing paper, rotate the other stock 90 degrees to avoid any curling. The cards have minimal curling due to the thick paper, but if the sheet grain was perpendicular to one another the curling would be non-existent.”

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Jessica Mullen

Writer for UnderConsideration LLC.

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November 28, 2012


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Business Cards


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