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Fedrigoni Product Guide 2013


Production Method

Foil stamp



Design LSC

Written and Edited by Design LSC
Illustrated by Luigi Carnovale
Designed by Design LSC
Printed in the UK by Taylor Bloxham



Taylor Bloxham

Coming in at 464 pages, this tome is a one-stop, comprehensive desktop manual—including mixed stocks and various print techniques—for anyone who wants to specify Fedrigoni paper for a print job. Every piece of information a designer, printer, or specifier could want on Fedrigoni’s entire range of papers, boards, envelopes, and specialty print products is represented in this product guide book. 




Quantity Produced


Production Cost

Production Time

7 days

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

6.3 × 9.3 × 1 in

Page Count


Paper Stock

Fedrigoni Papers / Materica / Kraft / Clay / Verdi Gris /  180gsm

Fedrigoni Papers / Arcoprint Milk / White Uncoated / 70gsm

Fedrigoni Papers / Spendorgel Avorio / Ivory Uncoated / 85gsm


Number of Colors

4 Color Process




Section Sewn


Univers 45
Univers 55


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Project Description

At 464 pages the Fedrigoni Product Guide & Price List is the definitive sourcebook for speciality paper. Designed and edited by Design LSC, this extensive publication presents the entire catalogue of papers, boards, envelopes and speciality print products in one simple to use guide. With each product displayed across a double page spread, specifiers, printers and designers are able to access, sheet colour, texture, size, weight and price at glance. Specifiers can now find everything Fedrigoni, in one easy to use desktop manual.

More images here.

Production Lesson(s)

The Fedrigoni papers selected for use in this document are as follows:

Materica 180gsm High quality, recycled, pulp-coloured paper, containing cotton, and special pure cellulose fibres for added high volume and strength. Sheet size 720x1020mm. Refer to page 24.

Spendorgel Avorio 85gsm An ultra-smooth ivory coloured paper with a fine velvety surface. Spendorgel Avorio has excellent opacity and its characteristic even surface offers excellent chromatic and tone performance. Ink load, dot gain and printing contrast levels are amongst the highest obtainable from an uncoated paper. Sheet size 710x1000mm. Refer to page 104.

Arcoprint Milk 70gsm High quality soft white wood-free uncoated paper with unusually high bulk and opacity. This modern paper offers excellent print performance. Sheet sizes 700x1000mm and 640x880mm. Refer to page 74.

Symbol Matt Plus 115gsm Environmental, recycled art paper, triple blade coated on both sides; with a bright white matt finish. Sheet sizes 720x1020mm and 640x880mm. Refer to page 170.

Print Production Notes

Cover Materica Clay 180gsm. Foiled in two colours.
Materica Kraft 180gsm. Foiled in two colours.
Materica Verdi Gris 180gsm. Foiled in two colours.

Pages 3 – 18
Spendorgel Avorio 85gsm. Printed Black using oxiadative drying inks.

Pages 19 – 154
Arcoprint Milk 70gsm. Printed CMYK using oxiadative drying inks.

Pages 155 – 222
Symbol Matt Plus 115gsm. Printed CMYK, with sealer varnish.

Pages 223 – 438
Arcoprint Milk White 70gsm. Printed CMYK using oxiadative drying inks.

Pages 439 – 462
Spendorgel Avorio 85gsm. Printed Black using oxiadative drying inks.

Print Specification

Size: 236mm x 160mm Portrait - 8pp Cover
Extent: 16pp Preface / 420pp Text / 24pp Glossary
Process: 16pp Preface printed black only throughout. Text: 136pp (Chapter 1, 2, 3 & 4) Text printed 4 colour process / Black throughout.
Text: 68pp (Chapter 5, 6 & 7) Text printed 4 colour process plus sealer and Black throughout. Text: 216pp (Chapter 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14) Text printed 4 colour process / Black throughout. 24pp Glossary printed black only throughout (Using our HD 2.4 Process)
Finishing: Metallic Gloss Black and Satin Silver foil block to outer cover (240 x 325mm area). Letterpress crease cover along folds, cut and fold cover flaps and text, Thread sewn, yap finish, box in cartons.
Materials: Supplied by Fedrigoni UK

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Duncan Robertson

Former intern at UnderConsideration LLC.

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Date Published

May 29, 2013


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