Organized by UnderConsideration, the FPO Awards is a judged competition that celebrates the best print work from around the world during 2013 – 2014 — a direct extension of the popular blog FPO: For Print Only. As a response to other award formulas, past and present, the FPO Awards strive to provide a competition that places as much importance on design and execution as it does toward production: Judges will be designers and printers, winners will get to display their work and a detalied account of all the production, and special awards will be given for Best of Show and Sustainability as well as Radical Production.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Bryony + Armin
Underconsideration LLC

This year’s logo

Every now and then all you want to do is use a specific typeface; no high concept or ambitious idea. Such was the case with this logo. We needed an excuse to use Ale Paul’s Rolling Pen so we unpacked it, deployed it in Adobe Illustrator and aimed to do something cool with it. We even did a little Ale impersonation by adding some of our own swashes. Below is a brief animated GIF that shows the evolution of the execution from putting the type in a square to tilting and fitting it, to adding some dimension in the loops.

2013 FPO Awards Logo

And these are the final color versions. Open either image in a new window/tab to see bigger.

2013 FPO Awards Logo

The website uses Fonts.com by Monotype Imaging to serve Trade Gothic Next.


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