Before starting the online submission process please make sure you have everything listed here.

We recommend preparing a text document from which to copy and paste instead of writing directly on the form.


Brief (50 words max)

What did the client ask for? Or what did you set out to do?

Approach and Solution (100 words max)

What was your approach? The concept behind it?

Production Lessons Learned (100 words max)

What were some of the challenges (and solutions) in the production of it? Did you learn something new? Or something you wish someone had told you?


Design Credits

As broad or as detailed as desired, will publish as submitted if selected as a winner

Production Credits

As broad or as detailed as desired; included printer, binder, finisher, etc. as needed; will publish as submitted if selected as a winner.


Name of company, organization, product, or service. Or self-promotional if applicable.

Client Description (50 words max)

Who they (or you) are, what they do, where they are, who their audience is.

Production Data

Project Type

Is it a book? Poster? Business Card?

Quantity Produced

How many?


Specify as width × height × depth in inches

Page Count

if applicable, specify as cover + xx pages

Paper Stock

As detailed as possible, specify by brand, product line, finish/color, weight, etc.

Number of Colors

Is it CMYK? Spot colors?


If applicable, specify gloss, matte, etc.


If applicable

Special Award

Nominating for Radical Production or Sustainability Award?

Double-check the criteria and submission procedure here.


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