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In Brief: Logo as Plot of Land

Airplot Logo

London-based design agency Airside has posted two great entries on their blog about the design of the identity for Airplot, Greenpeace’s initiative to stop the proposed construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport. The first post to highlight is the one that shows Airside’s process and how they arrived at the solution and the second (although they posted this one first) shows the different applications. Worth a look and a read.
By Armin on Feb.03.2009 in In Brief Link

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Mexicana’s New Eagle

Mexicana Logo, Before and After

Since I travel at least once a year to Mexico and more often than not Mexicana offers the lowest price tickets I regularly find myself in their more-cramped-than-usual seats surrounded by an overall aging identity and look. The old Mexicana logo also suffered in that it resembled its biggest competitor, Aeromexico which, overall, has built a much stronger and sophisticated visual identity. Last week, Mexicana unveiled a remarkably different identity to separate it from its competitor.

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By Armin on Dec.01.2008 in Aviation Link

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Imagine a utopian destination—a geographic equilibrium servicing the dualing needs of business & pleasure—conveniently near a regional airport. In this mythical location, one might fantasize about relaxing with a proverbial partner and two children at a waterpark, mall, zoo, or even an art museum. Maybe some golfing with executives followed by candid conversation…and closing a deal or two in a comfortable hotel lobby. There would be strong exotic drinks served by colorful and sexy locals in a continental atmosphere drenched in free wi-fi. This natural state of promise, abundance, and uniquely American opportunity does exist. It’s not in the Bahamas, not in Second Life, and not in Dubai. It’s in Raleigh.

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By Joe Marianek on Aug.05.2008 in Destinations Link

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Dubai’s Global Globe

Dubai International Airport, Before and After

In November of 2007 — sorry we are late on this one — His Highness [sic] Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai [sic], unveiled the new identities for Dubai’s airports, the existing Dubai International Airport (shown above) and the future Al Maktoum International Airport which will be many times larger than its counterpart and be part of Dubai World Central. (Can you imagine George W. Bush, Ruler of the United States, unveiling a rebranding for JFK or Dulles? Ha!). The sphere object is downright beautiful and feels unique to Dubai as a pinnacle of progress, excess and exuberance. It feels expensive, global and forward-looking, everything that Dubai seems to embody. Unfortuntely the same can’t be said for the typography which feels like the ugly cousin of Dax (it of UPS logo fame) and is oddly positioned from the logo — but it’s small enough to be inconsequential to the graphic. Both airports are architecturally branded under a Dubai Airports logo which is equally nice. Overall, this is a great execution for a city that wouldn’t take anything less.

By Armin on Jan.27.2008 in Transportation Link

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BusinessWeek Drops the Serifs

BusinessWeek Logo, Before and After

There are a few magazines that I read/peruse irregularly, usually at airports or doctors’ waiting rooms. For the most part I can remember what these look or feel like, even if I only see them intermittently. Whether it’s National Geographic, or Us Weekly, or Fast Company I can picture the layouts and the typography, no matter how high or low it leans. As news broke out of the recent redesign of BusinessWeek, and as I picked it up at the newsstand (in Denver’s airport) I was unable (perhaps unwilling) to remember what the old BusinessWeek used to look like — my best bet at this point is “generic” with a dash of “boring” as I simply could not picture anything other than the condensed serif on the cover. So as I flipped through the new BusinessWeek I was happy to find a cohesive visual tone that, even if not particularly groundbreaking in the general design sense (as every single visual styling has been done before, from the thick-underlined-text to the text-in-a-ragged-box mannerisms, which I have done myself I must admit), creates a memorable and impactful, in that businessy-type-A way, viewing experience — starting with the new logo on the cover, all the way through to the last page.

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By Armin on Oct.16.2007 in Media Link

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Brussels Sprouts Some New Logos



Recently, Brussels Airport clarified their name to be, well, “Brussels Airport” and added a tagline. Also, SN Brussels Airline, who took control of Virgin Express last year, and also uses Brussels Airport as a hub has just announced that the new, single airline brand will be Brussels Airlines.

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By David Weinberger on Nov.15.2006 in Aviation Link

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