seriouSeries are small and intimate gatherings where we will talk about – what else? – design in every way possible. Ideally they happen every three months; realistically they happen when they happen. And ideally this will be something that happens in many cities at the same time (details will be worked out and announcements made as necessary). Another ideal is to have a guest speaker (hey, you can’t throw out all the conventions out the window at the same time) who will not have a podium, nor a microphone and will actually be kicked out of the room if s/he dares bring a PowerPoint presentation. No guest speaker? No problem – we only need somebody willing to lead the evening.

These series are intended to be open, devoid of hierarchy and bureaucracy, two-way conversations and, the key word, small. Yet serious.

Past seriouSeries:

No. 0.5, Tomato: introduction

No. 1, Rick Valicenti: introduction | outcome

No. 2, Joseph Michael Essex, Kathy Fredrickson, Marcia Lausen: introduction | outcome

No. 3, 37 Signals, Gapers Block, Jim Coudal, Threadless: introduction

No. 4, Michael Bierut, Steve Heller, Princeton Architectural Press (Clare Jacobson and Kevin Lippert), Allworth Press (Michael Madole, Nicole Potter): introduction