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Where to start? ok. A couple of days ago I saw the name Martin Venezky somewhere. Sounded really familiar. But I just couldn’t remember who he was. Next thing I know I’m deep in Martin’s work, starting with Appetite Engineers, his own design firm. With a look reminiscent of Monthy Python, but quite unique, he shows the work in a very detailed manner. I wish you could see the work first and then delve into details, but if you take your time it’s well worth it.

Then I found something else. Speak. That’s when it hit me. Of course. How could I have forgotten. Probably one of the best designed magazines in a long time, with an attitude all it’s own. They seem to have had some problems, some of them involved David Carson (but I guess that’s another story, and none of my business).

Martin’s work is truly unique. The book Bordertown is a great example of his work and his love for collaboration. His approach to design is very refreshing and inspiring in a time when everything looks the same.

Watch out for the bear!

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PUBLISHED ON Aug.29.2002 BY Armin