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Living Color

“Pantone owns the monopoly on every tint, tone, and shade you’ve ever seen. Now they want to control the colors you see in the future.” Interesting article in the October issue of Wired.

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PUBLISHED ON Sep.10.2002 BY Kiran Max Weber
Armin’s comment is:

Bill Gates only dreams about a monopoly of this kind. Pantone has no competition at all, it is quite impressive. I think it is one of the last monopolys in the US (I'm just saying this as what I see, I'm not sure if it's a fact). The only thing I can compare it to is in Mexico we have lovely Pemex, a company that controls ALL the oil down there. Of course I'm comparing apples with oranges, but what the hell!

I think in Asia you do use a different color specifying system, rather than Pantone.

On Sep.10.2002 at 03:40 PM
Kiran’s comment is:

Let's not forget Adobe when taking about monopolies. Watch out for PDF and related technologies to become mighty popular in the next few years.

Does "Toppan" sound familiar for the Japanese equivalent to Pantone?

On Sep.10.2002 at 04:03 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Adobe, in the PDF realm and Photoshop only. Because Macromedia beat them to the web. And Corel, oh! wait... Corel sucks.

"Toppan"? no idea.

On Sep.10.2002 at 04:19 PM