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Friday 13th

So I walk in this morning, coffee in hand, and I turn on my computer. And the worst thing that can happen, happens. A big, flashing, portruding, pulsating question mark appears on my screen. Long story short, I got my Mac back to work 5 minutes ago.

What is the point to this post? well, I wanted to reinforce Tricia’s post about the removal of the Happy Mac. Because the moment it came on, replacing that hideous ?, I knew everything was going to be OK. And that, PC users, is why we love our Happy Mac.

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PUBLISHED ON Sep.13.2002 BY Armin
Todd’s comment is:

Anyone want to place bets on whether the happy Mac returns in some form in the next update?

On Sep.13.2002 at 04:35 PM
Armin’s comment is:

There is no betting here.

What?...I'll be right there... just keep the chickens apart untill I say go...

So, yeah, no betting.

It's funny to see how all the features from OS 9 are slowly creeping in to version X, spring-loaded folders is a good example. Has anyone here dared switch to OS X? I'm dreading the day when I have to.

On Sep.13.2002 at 04:52 PM
todd’s comment is:

I'm ALL OSX from office to photoshop to illustrator to MX studio . . . everything . . . except Adobe Streamline and Unreal but classic will rue the day that those titles become available!

I spent an awesome 16 months on OS9.2 after 14 years on DOS and the various iterations of Windows . . . and every day I go work and have Windows 2000 crash at least 6 times a week (4 in a day is my personal best). But every night I come home to G4's (yes 2 of them) both on 10.2, both very lovely machines, affectionately know as Lil' Bastard (the powerbook) and El Bastardo (the tower). We're all going on the x-mas card this year in front of the tree by the fireplace . . . seriously.

But the point is, sometimes I miss the little hapy mac, but then again, I never really turn them off.

On Sep.13.2002 at 08:12 PM
Todd’s comment is:

It looks like if your name is Todd you're ready for OS X. I'm all OS X, too. Plan to go to Jaguar in a few weeks.

Like my brother-Todd, I rearely see the startup sequence anyway. But I don't understand why Apple couldn't have left well enough alone. Was there a contingent of customers who were just dying to see that little guy sent to the unemployment line?

On Sep.13.2002 at 09:46 PM
todd’s comment is:

Perhaps in the next update there will be a glossy happy mac just a simmerin' and a shinin' on the desktop.

I need to get to work on that.

On Sep.14.2002 at 09:30 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Ok. This is getting out of hand. You two Todds need to be different. There needs to be some difference in the name. It's so confusing. You guys settle it. : )

On Sep.14.2002 at 10:17 AM
Kippy’s comment is:

Fine then. I am now Kippy.

On Sep.14.2002 at 03:26 PM
Armin’s comment is:

You are such a freak todd... I mean, kippy

On Sep.14.2002 at 03:30 PM