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Mozilla users rejoice! I finally got some advice on how to get it fixed. Obviously it was pretty simple. Obviously too, not so simple to me.

Too many of these //—> and not enough of these <!— //

Thanks to codeman38 for the advice.

Mad-props well deserved. And now that I have that fixed, what exactly is all the excitement about Mozilla? I’m asking, because I’m out of the loop on this one. Seems to be the browser of choice for programmers and web developers.

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PUBLISHED ON Oct.17.2002 BY Armin
Darrel’s comment is:

Mozilla's rendering engine, Gecko, fully supports W3C standards. Hence the excitement.

On Oct.17.2002 at 02:04 PM
codeman38’s comment is:

In addition, Mozilla's rendering engine is designed to work the same across all platforms-- meaning that, unlike Internet Explorer, the Mac, Windows and Unix versions of Mozilla will all render a page in exactly the same manner (fonts, resolutions and other matters notwithstanding). That's extremely good news for those, like myself, who design pages with limited access to other platforms. :)

In addition, Mozilla also has built-in popup blocking-- and can be set to block only *unrequested* popup windows, leaving comment windows like this one completely accessible as long as they're coded right. ;-)

On Oct.18.2002 at 08:43 AM
steven lyons’s comment is:


This site was the ONLY reason I was still using IE on the Mac. Now I can go to Netscape/Mozilla/Chimera full time. Thanks Armin and Codeman 38

On Oct.18.2002 at 09:23 AM