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Skyscrapers ‘R’ Sexy

A classic must bookmark site if you haven’t done so by now. As many time as I have visited this site, I never get bored. I like it for the simple reason that the content WOWs me more than the design. Content can be sexy!!!

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PUBLISHED ON Oct.21.2002 BY Christopher May
Armin’s comment is:

This is where I work.

This page is truly impressive. One can spend endless hours there. My respect to whoever put it together.

On Oct.21.2002 at 01:00 PM
Christopher May’s comment is:

that's too funny!

Who else reading this can find a building they work / live / play in?

On Oct.21.2002 at 01:19 PM
Armin’s comment is:

TIP: to display your building, you'll need to go into the source code to find the direct link. It will look something like this:


Then add that at the end of:


On Oct.21.2002 at 01:26 PM
Armin’s comment is:

And this is where my father in law works in Mexico City. These buildings are best known as the "pants" or "clips".

On Oct.22.2002 at 04:18 PM
Jon’s comment is:

Ok, I was going to post something witty about losing money at the Taj Mahal with a link included, but I'm such a moron about the web that I can't figure it out at all. This is why I do print. Ptthhttt.

(You'll just have to go find it yourself on the skyscraper page.)

On Oct.22.2002 at 09:20 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Here you go Jon. You can still be witty ; ) we just need the punchline.

I just have to ask, do people in India have no shame in naming their monument after Trump's Casino? I mean... there are hundreds of names to choose from : O (joke intended, please don't sue)

On Oct.23.2002 at 09:22 AM
Christopher May’s comment is:

To find the link is very easy.

1. Find the building you want. In the page with the building of your selection, there should be a new search criteria at the bottom of the screen with fields including; CITY, COUNTRY, etc.

2. Under the input field "BUILDING NAME/ADDRESS", there is a small link "Diagram URL". click on it and the url will appear in the browser address bar.

3. from there you can cut and paste it into your post.

ex. http://www.skyscraperpage.com/diagrams/display.php?country=india&buildingname=Taj+Mahal&order=d&x=40&y=10

3b. and if your one of those savvy internet cats, you can put the link in href tags and give the link the name of your choice



Mahal took my money

which will look like this; Taj Mahal took my money

On Oct.23.2002 at 09:43 AM