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Thirst Goes Universal

Great design thinkers never rest, they are never content with what’s happening, they feel a change is appropriate. And needed. Great designers understand the need for collaboration. They understand that you are only as good as the people you are surrounded with. Not all of them like to share.

The Thirst universe was built on these ideas. Headed by Rick Valicenti, this universe is comprised of various and varied talents in a small realm of creative disciplines:

- 3st/i: The interactive arm headed by Oliver Roeger

- Tank20: Specializes in “Language Strategies” and is lead by the inspiring Rob Wittig.

- RealEyes: Kind of a weird mix of a service bureau with an illustrator rep. But if you are looking for strange, different and unique illustrations this is the place to commission some of them.

- WMV Photo: Work by Rick’s brother, William Valicenti, showcases a more humane approach to photography.

- Valicenti Bros.: Nothing like brotherly love to inspire some strange concepts and solutions.

- Thirstype: The collaboration between Rick and Chester has made Thirstype one of the most forward thinking type houses in a long time. Just ask Nike.

In a quick e-mail conversation last night, Rick answered a couple of questions regarding the new universe. Click on “More” to read them.

What made this universe come together?

The Thirst Universe, while slightly tongue and cheek in its auditory form, makes so much sense from a day to day basis. we are all the best of the best in our respected fields here in Chicago. Like a great group of musicians, we have all longed to enter other creative realms. Sometimes we simply yearn to share… other times we remain curious to see what it is like to play with others. In both cases the new collaborations inform our shared future and keep our spirit alive and even more valuable to the discourse of design.

Does thirst as we know it no longer exist?

For many years the best talents practicing under the moniker of Thirst were NOT available for collaboration with other designers. Today, chester (thirstype.com) is currently design custom fonts and typographic systems for other designers across the country. Rob Wittig, (tank20.com) my partner in Tank20 is leading the language strategies with a number of local and national design groups. Oliver Roeger (3st.com/i) is the latest designer to emerge from behind the curtain and attract interactive and film opportunities either for Thirst or in collaboration with other designers. My brother (3st.com/vb) and I (3st.com/maul) are engaged in image making projects with a variety of other designers and art directors.

I don’t know what else to ask…

Armin, you asked a lot…thanx for the opportunity to speak up.

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