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AIGA Chicago Incite/Insight Series

Usually the Incite/Insight series around the nation are clad with big name designers. This year’s series in Chicago seem to have taken a different turn and instead of opting for brand name recognizabilty (at least two thirds of the way) they focused on a theme and bringing the appropriate people to talk about it.

Hear. Touch. See. Explore how design affects your senses and perception, and its influence on the choices we make — everyday.

Hear will be conducted by Alvin Collis of music giant Muzak.

Touch is represented by Bill Moggridge of IDEO.

See by interactive monger Hillman Curtis.

How will designers respond to this roster? I guess it will, for sure, determine who are the guest speakers next year.

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PUBLISHED ON Mar.11.2003 BY Armin
Sam’s comment is:

Chicago, is that the one with all the wind?

On Mar.11.2003 at 02:24 PM
armin’s comment is:

Naw, it's the one with Armin ; )

On Mar.11.2003 at 02:25 PM
Sam’s comment is:

Ah, but of course!

Whatever happened to the Speak Up travel budget?

On Mar.11.2003 at 02:56 PM
armin’s comment is:

My cats needed new litter boxes.

Actually, there is no budget. I'm still waiting to hear back on my McDonald's application to work the night shift and get some money to support Speak Up.

Maybe the traveling comes here.

On Mar.11.2003 at 03:00 PM