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anyone remember the miller light catfight ad? well, that ad won the grand ugly award from awny as the piece of marketing most demeaning to women. miller took a lot of heat for that one.

recently, they shot a pair of followup ads, somewhat apologetic, one featuring two guys tearing each other to pieces in a mudpit brawl. (this is the other.) and surprise: cbs and the ncaa declined to run it. why? according to the ncaa’s myles brand, “there has to be some sense of decorum.”

hmm. two babes in wet cement homoerotically catfighting: dandy. two guys homoerotically fighting in mud, as set up by an opening fantasy from a woman: too racy. i can’t decide if this one stinks more of sexism or homophobia. or maybe both.

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PUBLISHED ON Apr.10.2003 BY Patric King
pk’s comment is:

my own opinion on the pieces: i didn't find the catfight ad particularly sexist, but only through a clever loophole set up in the ad itself: after the catfight, the ad cuts to a scene of two dorks in a bar saying, "yeah, that'd be a great ad." it was clearly from their own imagination. come to think of it, the ad makes men look terrible.

the followup ad is staged exactly the same way...but it casts the women fantasizing about the ad as "hot guys expressing their emotions." what?

that, i thought was more demeaning. it's almost as if women aren't allowed to be sexual creatures, only emotive ones. bogus.

On Apr.10.2003 at 06:41 AM
armin’s comment is:

As I remember there used to be an old Miller commercial that featured some mud wrestling ladies and it had a catchphrase, which I can't remember. And I think this new catfight ad was a spoof, and they were making fun of themselves, of that old ad. But I'm not and ad person, so don't take my word for it.

As far as the ethical problem at hand pk, well two girls fighting will always be cool, two dudes fighting will never be (unless it's brad pitt and ed norton beating the shit out of each other.) I don't support that notion, but the rest of America does. Stereotypes are hard to break. Men are horny and women are sensitive.

On Apr.10.2003 at 03:03 PM
Darrel’s comment is:

> As far as the ethical problem at hand

Ethics in advertising?


On Apr.10.2003 at 03:21 PM
griff’s comment is:

brings to mind 2 spoofs.

Saturday Night Live did a beer commercial spoof with gay men and a swimming pool scene starring Adam Sandler and the big dead guy (appologies to the big dead guys family, i can't remember his name).

Simpsons did a very sexist ad for Duffs beer.

both were brilliant.

On Apr.10.2003 at 03:56 PM
Sam’s comment is:

And then there's the homoerotic undertones of the two lizards in those Budweiser commercials...man, that made me uncomfortable, and thirsty.

That didn't come out right.

Neither did that.

Never mind.

On Apr.10.2003 at 04:07 PM
anthony’s comment is:

I think both those ads are funny, I was really suprised to see they pulled the male version, I do not find it offending at all, though I guess out of context, say if I had not seen the female version right before it, I may have a differnt opinion, or not find it as humorous. Big time advertising is a strange world for sure.

On Apr.10.2003 at 05:10 PM