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Speak Up Survives Ordeal

Many of the things that could have gone wrong did in fact go wrong. After a long, long weekend of coding and getting used to this OS X thing I got Speak Up back on its feet.

The biggest problem, and quite unfixable, is that every entry (post, thread, whatever your preferred blog nomenclature is) now has a different number. So if somebody out there was linking to a specific entry please check it (by doing a search on the site) and change the entry number at the end of your links.

There are also some comments and entries that lost some of their formatting and they now have lots of extra spaces between lines and some very strange line breaks. If you see some, please send me the link and I’ll fix as many as is humanly possible.

Enough about all this —�Speak Up is back and it has more space and more bandwidth to spread the love for the next few years. Thank you all for your patience.

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PUBLISHED ON Aug.17.2003 BY Armin
damien’s comment is:

congratulations - and thank you...

On Aug.18.2003 at 12:38 AM
brook’s comment is:

woo hoo!

there are blue boxes everywhere!

On Aug.18.2003 at 01:00 AM
damien’s comment is:

yeah - on a PC there are blue boxes - it looks like some of your images don't have border=0 in 'em and they 'come to life' when wrapped with an href tag. I think you can globally sort this out in your CSS by putting a border="0" in the body tag or simply in the main A: links you specify.

On Aug.18.2003 at 01:37 AM
james’s comment is:

a img { border:0px; } will fix that up for you.

On Aug.18.2003 at 02:13 AM
BrianC’s comment is:

Glad to see it back up!

One thing I just nocticed is that if someones name links to a website it opens in the current "comments" window instead of a new window. I use Safari, if it matters.

On Aug.18.2003 at 04:49 AM
Kiran Max Weber’s comment is:

Thank you is right. Nice Armin.

On Aug.18.2003 at 05:12 AM
Sam’s comment is:

I don't understand, it all looks the same. Where are all the hyper-archtiectural 3D stylings? No, sorry. Nice work, Armin.

Bug report: the clock seems to be off here in the comments window.

On Aug.18.2003 at 05:27 AM
Sam’s comment is:

Let's see what it says. Today is August 18, and it is 9:27 EST.

On Aug.18.2003 at 08:27 AM
debbie millman’s comment is:

hello my name is debbie and I am a Speak Upaholic.

Thank goodness you are back, very bad withdrawal happening here. Scary when you realize how dependent you are on something.

On Aug.18.2003 at 08:59 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Clock — check!

Blue boxes — check!

Author's links in new window — check!

Interviewees' links — check!

Author login info — check!

That's what I call customer service.

Please let me know if you find any more wrong-doings. Thanks.

On Aug.18.2003 at 09:08 AM
Armin’s comment is:

he-llo Debbie.

On Aug.18.2003 at 09:10 AM
Armin’s comment is:

>Where are all the hyper-archtiectural 3D stylings?

Oh, I'm saving those for when I have built enough brand equity and can afford to hire Futurebrand to capture my new business plan. When we need to synchronize with our audience. Or something.

I know David, that was a low blow.

Wanna hear something freaky? So, all the individual entries changed numbers right? The only one that kept the same ID number was the UPS discussion!!! #293. I think it's a sign... not sure for what though.

On Aug.18.2003 at 09:14 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Also, it appears some discussions are missing a few comments. I will fix when I can. Please post any bad links here too, so I can keep track of all the changes I need to make.

On Aug.18.2003 at 09:28 AM
David W’s comment is:

My feet are still recovering from my 5 hour walk home last Thursday. Thanks for kicking me while I'm down.

Just remember #7 of my UPS response. "There will be others. "

Heh Heh Heh

On Aug.18.2003 at 09:28 AM
Darrel’s comment is:

Were poster's log-ins reset? I seem to be locked out.

On Aug.18.2003 at 10:08 AM
Darrel’s comment is:

And congrats on moving a site to a different server as per your schedule. That's a rare accomplishment! ;o)

On Aug.18.2003 at 10:09 AM
Armin’s comment is:

It's all part of the great customer service.

On Aug.18.2003 at 12:30 PM
amanda’s comment is:

who hoo!

Debbie i second the addiction issues!

On Aug.18.2003 at 01:17 PM
Tom’s comment is:

I'm not addicted! I can stop anytime! Really!


On Aug.18.2003 at 01:21 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Image Source in comment window — check!

Thanks Darrel. This new MT has some wicked-ass new coding. And by wicked I mean both good and bad.

On Aug.18.2003 at 02:58 PM
Sarah B’s comment is:

So glad!

On Aug.18.2003 at 03:49 PM
Tan’s comment is:

Hey Armin, you should employ this cheap trick! It's yee-haw fun!

Add some java spice to SU while you're dusting it off....

On Aug.18.2003 at 05:28 PM
Armin’s comment is:

>Hey Armin, you should employ this cheap trick! It's yee-haw fun!

Tan, Tan, Tan... how can I put this mildly? You just cost me an extra two hours of work!!!!! Yeah, that's right.

Remember all those comments that got lost in the switch? Like the UPS discussion was missing 30-40 comments? Well, apparently everytime you (and Felix too) put lots of dashes to separate your thoughts it messed up with the "import" process.

Obviously, I can't really blame you, since neither you nor I knew that simple dashes would screw up the process.

So long story short — I had to reimport EVERYTHING again, so the ID numbers for each entry have changed. Again. This time all the comments on all the threads should be there. And please, pretty please with sugar on top, refrain from using dashes from now on to separate anything.

Nothing of the sort (ignore parenthesis, I don't want this to happen again)


PS. Tan, for compensation of my efforts please send a stuffed teddy bear.

On Aug.18.2003 at 11:17 PM
Tan’s comment is:

ooooh. sorry man. I had no idea.

I will buy you the entire set of Noah's Ark for your troubles.

Or better yet, I'll make a special Vit bear at Build-a-Bear -- extra hairy and sporting little black glasses.

no more evil dashes. promise.

On Aug.19.2003 at 01:04 AM
Tan’s comment is:

Not to be a pain, but while we're at it, any idea if there are other operator strings that should be avoided, like periods, slashes, or colons, etc? Or better safe than sorry and not use operators at all?...just asking.

On Aug.19.2003 at 01:13 AM
Armin’s comment is:

>ooooh. sorry man. I had no idea.

Don't worry about it dude. I just had to vent last night. And when I said two hours I actually meant five.

>Not to be a pain, but while we're at it, any idea if there are other operator strings that should be avoided, like periods, slashes, or colons, etc?

No, apparently the dashes are what screws up the code. Mainly because when the system exports, each comment is separated by 5 dashes, so when it came upon your dashes in the middle of the comment it freaked out. It took me a while to figure out that that was the problem. But thankfully god blessed me with an inquisitive and pragmatic mind which allowed me to solve the mystery ; )

On Aug.19.2003 at 08:20 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Hi, if you are reading this it means you are concerned about Speak Up's well being. Please empty your cache and/or reload the top three images on the main page. This, to reveal a hidden message from one of our sponsors... ok, I lied, there are no sponsors. But there is a hidden message.

On Aug.19.2003 at 07:34 PM