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Get your T-shirt!

The T-shirts have arrived in all their glory. The black is blacker than black and the silver is silvery than silver (yup, I came up with that all by myself). Seriously, they look good. And to prove it me and the Mrs. took a little photo sporting the new threads. She, in women large and moi, a men large.

If you pre-ordered by October 1st you should be getting your tee this week as they all left yesterday in the first shipment.


And I have not forgotten about my promise of a free T-shirt to ten people attending the AIGA conference. Sadly, nobody got all questions right and I am waiving the answers as a requirement. So… the people who at least tried will get the freebie, and they are: Abigail Larsen, Kevin Leonard and Tan Le. That leaves seven free T-shirts up for grabs. Remember the requirements (sans answers):

1. You must either a) already be registered and showing as an attendee or b) show us your e-mail confirmation for the conference.

2. You must wear it one full day at the conference (and do it with pride).

First come first serve. Email me! And include the size you want please.

Just in case you were curious, the answers were:
a) What is Stefan Sagmeister’s favorite typeface?
Gotham by Tobias Frere-Jones

b) On what charge was Steve Heller in jail for (even if briefly)?
Pornography. In 1968, because of his involvement as Art Director, Designer and Co-publisher of the New York Review of Sex (& Politics) — an underground zine. He wasn’t in jail for more than 24 hours, it still makes for good designer trivia though.

c) Name three (well-known) married couples who are both related to the field of graphic design.
Various possible answers (and not all):
- Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko
- Joseph Michael and Nancy Denney Essex
- Greg and Pat Samata
- Paula Scher and Seymour Chwast
- Steve Heller and Louise Filli

Would have accepted:
- Tibor and Maira Kalman
- P. Scott and Laurie Haycock Makela

And if somebody would have said:
- Mr. and Mrs. Vit, you would have gotten the whole lot of T-shirts!

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PUBLISHED ON Oct.08.2003 BY Armin
Sarah B.’s comment is:

They look great! - ok - I want mine NOW!!

On Oct.08.2003 at 10:06 AM
jesse’s comment is:

That photo rocks.

On Oct.08.2003 at 10:20 AM
Rick G’s comment is:

Yeah, the photo is sweet. The shirts look amazing.

Now get out some padded envelopes and tape! Quick!


On Oct.08.2003 at 11:01 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Ha, I didn't know the photo would be such a hit. Our cats did a great job in framing the shot, so we can't take all the credit.

On Oct.08.2003 at 11:30 AM
Garrick Van Buren’s comment is:

How much blacker could this be?

None. None more black

On Oct.08.2003 at 01:12 PM
marian’s comment is:

Alllriiiight ... bring it on. Good photography, for cats.

On Oct.08.2003 at 02:02 PM
.sara’s comment is:

The t-shirts are killer, can't wait! (:

I like that your sconces kinda-sorta match the design on the shirt; coincidence? Hmmmm.

On Oct.08.2003 at 05:40 PM
Todd’s comment is:


On Oct.08.2003 at 07:47 PM
pk’s comment is:

fyi: the shirts look really good with the sleeves amputated. add motorcycle boots, three pounds of Maybelline raccoon black eyeliner and baggy jeans: suddenly you're punk and stylish.

On Oct.09.2003 at 09:29 AM
Kiran Max Weber’s comment is:

Got mine this morning, thanks Armin. My parents HATE it. I guess the saying that what your parents don't like is actually cool is true. Ha.

On Oct.09.2003 at 09:51 AM
kev leonard’s comment is:


in my defense for not getting every question right, i read so much stuff about everyone—accomplishments of others and font favorites—it all got scrambled. (smiles). any excuse is worth a shot. i think i did say greg and pat though and i met sagmeister at the 2001 how conference and i think i asked him what his favorite face was. did he say gotham? i can't be sure... can't even be sure what i had for lunch yesterday.

in any event, the shirt is sweet. i wear an XL. what do you need from me to get the shirt? sase? shipping and handling costs? address to the bat cave?

let me know and thanks again. speak up kicks ass.

On Oct.09.2003 at 10:04 AM
Kiran Max Weber’s comment is:

i met sagmeister at the 2001 how conference and i think i asked him what his favorite face was. did he say gotham? i can't be sure... can't even be sure what i had for lunch yesterday.

He told a crowd in Boston when someone posed the same question, "my own handwriting."

How about Helfand and Drenttel?

On Oct.09.2003 at 10:09 AM
kev leonard’s comment is:


maybe it depends on what day you ask him and how the planets are aligned.

On Oct.09.2003 at 10:21 AM
eric’s comment is:

Patrick... um, photos?... c'mon... inquiring minds.

On Oct.09.2003 at 11:04 AM
Armin’s comment is:

> what do you need from me to get the shirt? sase? shipping and handling costs? address to the bat cave?

Shipping charges are on the house. Just e-mail me your full address.

On Oct.09.2003 at 11:38 AM
pk’s comment is:

Patrick... um, photos?... c'mon... inquiring minds.

soon enough. time for an updated self-portrait for the site anyhoo...i don't look like my picture any more. and what better portrait than one wearing the school colors? *smirk*

On Oct.09.2003 at 11:53 AM
Armin’s comment is:

I did not expect so many women ordering t-shirts. Please, it was not meant as any sort of sexist thing or anything. I'll talk to the print shop and get some more women tees. So don't fret if we run out of girlie tees. Which might be the case.

It's the first time I distribute T-shirts, so I'm learning as I go.

On Oct.09.2003 at 12:32 PM
Armin’s comment is:

No more women large. Sorry.

On Oct.09.2003 at 01:06 PM
Sarah B.’s comment is:

Yay yay yay - I got my tee today!!! If my digital camera was around (friend borrowing) _ I would sport it and post it!!!

Looks great!!!

On Oct.09.2003 at 03:28 PM
Armin’s comment is:

More women T-shirts are now in production! All sizes.

You can order now, and I'll ship as soon as they come in.

On Oct.09.2003 at 04:46 PM
tim’s comment is:

I got my t-shirt today too, it's awesome. The letterpressed card is a beautiful touch.

On Oct.09.2003 at 06:35 PM
Paul’s comment is:

My wife just told me it looked "girly."

Can we have ones with wrestlers or trucks next time?

On Oct.09.2003 at 10:37 PM
Paul’s comment is:

...though I should add that my 3-year old said I looked "handsome" and wanted to know if he could have one too. If you make any in size 4T I'll buy him one and we can be girly together.

On Oct.09.2003 at 10:41 PM
jesse’s comment is:

Got mine in the mail yesterday. The card was indeed a nice touch, and the silver ribbon!

On Oct.10.2003 at 09:50 AM
jes�s’s comment is:

I had mine waiting in the mailbox last night, boy that T-shirt is HOT!!

Thanks Armin for the speedy delivery.

On Oct.11.2003 at 06:54 PM
priya’s comment is:

werd. just got mine. absolute gorgeousness. i love that card to bits.

On Oct.13.2003 at 07:25 PM
Surts’s comment is:

allo eh, has anyone from Canada got their shirt in the mail yet?

On Oct.14.2003 at 07:51 PM
Lea’s comment is:

Got mine in Edmonton! :) The card was cute! And the little handwritten Thanks was super nice. :D Tissue paper and silver ribbon. Wow, how fancy!

On Oct.14.2003 at 09:18 PM
surts’s comment is:

damn postal service, I live in Edmonton too...

On Oct.14.2003 at 09:22 PM
Isiah’s comment is:

I got mine up here in Seattle and they look great!

On Oct.15.2003 at 12:18 AM
Abby’s comment is:

Whee! Free tee! It's beautiful — as if that wasn't already evident by all the other comments. I'm tempted to buy another as a back up!


On Oct.15.2003 at 01:15 AM
Lea’s comment is:

Surt's -- patience! I bet it'll be here today. :D I live downtown also, two blocks away from the Canada Post HQ, so that may also be why I got mine sooner.

Anyway, always cool to find other Edmonton designers here. That makes three of us! Wheee~

On Oct.15.2003 at 10:14 AM
.sara’s comment is:

Yippee. The t-shirt is so awesome, got mine yesterday. (: I love just how silvery the silver is.

On Oct.15.2003 at 10:47 AM
Lea’s comment is:

I think everyone who gets a shirt should take a self-portrait with a sign saying where they are from. That would be a cool thing, huh? Just to see how far Speak Up reaches? :)

On Oct.15.2003 at 01:14 PM
Armin’s comment is:

> I think everyone who gets a shirt should take a self-portrait with a sign saying where they are from.

Yes! We were thinking of doing a whole "Show us your Speak Up Tee" thread. So, take those pictures and hold on to them for a couple of weeks, just so that more people can get theirs and sport them.

On Oct.15.2003 at 01:50 PM
marian’s comment is:

I just got mine, and i love 'em! (and yes, I know it's late and I'm the last person on the planet to get them, but I live on an island, OK? I can't have everything.) I'll be wearing mine on every day of the AIGA conference ... but don't worry, I won't be stinky--I've got five.

On Oct.15.2003 at 03:08 PM
kia’s comment is:


I love it I love it I love it.

I'm wearing it today.

On Oct.16.2003 at 02:29 PM
Surts’s comment is:

ok, finally it came today—the last time I had this type of anticipation was for my ipod in the summer. Opening it tonight I had the same exuberated feeling as I did when opening the cube box—great design, great printing and great finishing. thanks

-back to being critical now...

On Oct.16.2003 at 09:15 PM
Sarah B.’s comment is:

Out of curiosity sake - did the t-shirt sell well to men at all? I showed mine to a friend, a fellow designer, and though he loved the graphic, he said he would NEVER (yes, in that tone) wear one... said it was too frilly and would love to put something like that on the wall as a print instead. Again, just curious.

Maybe that is why they are sellin' to the ladies like hot cakes - wow... i'm hungry!!

On Oct.17.2003 at 10:05 AM
Tan’s comment is:

> Out of curiosity sake - did the t-shirt sell well to men at all?

I have to admit -- I love the design, but the silvery puffy paint on a black shirt is a bit too Mariah Carey for me. Reminds me of girly blouses w/ unicorns and butterflies and stuff. No offense Marian.

Another unnamed male author had a good suggestion for those who feel the same -- wash it consecutively 4-5 times before wearing. It dulls down the silver and makes it a little less *sparkly*.

On Oct.17.2003 at 03:34 PM
marian’s comment is:

Reminds me of girly blouses w/ unicorns and butterflies and stuff.


There's pretty much nothing worse you could say to me.

On Oct.17.2003 at 03:49 PM
Tan’s comment is:

it's the sparkly stuff!! not the design!

it's still cool, just girlie cool, like Gap girlie cool..really, I love the design, it's just...

...I'll just stop. Please don't hate me.

On Oct.17.2003 at 03:53 PM
surts’s comment is:

i don't have any issues with the shirt (colour or design), but interestingly enough my wife really loved it. hmmm.

On Oct.17.2003 at 04:13 PM
marian’s comment is:

Tan, I'm sure we can fix this with a drink or two.

On Oct.17.2003 at 05:12 PM
Paul’s comment is:

ENOUGH with the drinks already!

I'm starting to get really bummed out that I can't afford to be in Vancouver. I guess I'll just sit alone, at home, in my girly Speak Up t-shirt, sipping home-made mojitos and weeping softly as I leaf through old copies of Crtique....

On Oct.17.2003 at 05:35 PM
jonsel’s comment is:

Tan, I'm sure we can fix this with a drink or two.

I think she means to pour them over your head. ;-)

On Oct.17.2003 at 06:37 PM
Tan’s comment is:


I'll be honored to buy you a couple of rounds of drinks marian. And I'll be honored to wear my supremely well-designed, but dull-silvered, SU tshirt.

On Oct.17.2003 at 07:05 PM
marian’s comment is:

Allriiiight ...

does the 3-D, thermographic quality dissapear when you wash, as well? And do they shrink? I want to preserve my Ts exactly as they are now; all silvery and unicorny.

On Oct.17.2003 at 09:30 PM
Lea’s comment is:

Marian, wash them inside-out. That helps matters. And if you want to be really anal, hand-wash them and then hang them to dry. ;) That's really the best way, next to sending it for dry-cleaning.

On Oct.19.2003 at 09:40 AM
kia’s comment is:

I washed the shirt - it did shrink a little but it still looks good, and yeah the silver does dull slightly but it's still shiny too.

My mom dry cleans her t-shirts. I think that's neurotic, but they stay new-looking.

On Oct.19.2003 at 01:28 PM
jonsel’s comment is:

Quoth the wife, "No, it's not too girly at all."

And a second or third or whatever to the letterpress card. You had me at hello.

On Oct.20.2003 at 03:39 PM
Tan’s comment is:

> You had me at hello.

girlie wuss.

On Oct.21.2003 at 01:04 AM
Armin’s comment is:

> Out of curiosity sake - did the t-shirt sell well to men at all?

I think it's been a 50/50 response. Lots of dudes are buying. Definitely seems to appeal more to women, that's why I ran out of those quickly. Which reminds me, I just received a fresh new lot of lady-sized t-shirts.

Don't think of it as a girlie tee... it's sophisticated. And silver.

I love it, I wear it with pride. No, not that kind of pride... sicky.

On Oct.21.2003 at 03:50 PM
Adam Waugh’s comment is:

Hey-- How about CSA and Laurie DeMartino for another married designer couple?

On Nov.08.2003 at 06:03 PM
Brian Warren’s comment is:

Have all the shirts to AIGA attendees been given away? I've only begun to dig into SU, as I discovered it via the conference.

On Nov.15.2003 at 01:25 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Sorry Brian, all have been given away.

We will start the call for Boston 2005 anytime though.

On Nov.15.2003 at 02:59 PM
Brian Warren’s comment is:

That's ok. I didn't have my hopes up.

On Nov.17.2003 at 03:27 PM
sergio’s comment is:

I ordered mine about three days ago... I crave it. It'll take a while I guess, though... damn.

On Nov.25.2003 at 11:27 PM
Armin’s comment is:

If Speak Up had commercial interruptions, they would go a little something like this:

Tired of the crowds at the mall?

Looking for that perfect Holiday gift?

Look no more!

Buy your loved ones a Speak Up T-shirt!

On Dec.15.2003 at 04:37 PM
marian’s comment is:

I just sent 2 off to friends and family, myself!

On Dec.15.2003 at 05:42 PM