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Logo Graveyard

A little Sunday evening distraction: Logo R.I.P., a graveyard (literally) of logos. You can also leave your condolences on your most-missed logo. There is even a book. All of it done by The Stone Twins.

It’s comforting to know that in Europe they too obsess about deceased logos.

Link found at Magnetbox.

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PUBLISHED ON Dec.14.2003 BY Armin
Brady’s comment is:

The Logo R.I.P. site is a great idea. Unfortunately, I was let down by the poor execution of the site.

The small pictures of even smaller trademarks on headstones are difficult to read and therefore leave little to be desired. I understand the humor behind it, but the smallness combined with the contrived nature of the imagery provides further injustice within the confines of the respect they are trying to pay to fallen icons.

It is quite Spartan to present only nine marks in the online graveyard. One must click-through to the condolences section see the others, which, along with the page design, is not the most logical presentation.

On Dec.14.2003 at 07:39 PM
Su’s comment is:

What Brady said. Larger images(and maybe some more information on them, ie: designer) might've made the site a useful reference*. Right now, it's more just a somewhat neat thingy.

It'd be nice to seem them push at making this a proper site, rather than just a tri-fold for the book.

*Not that it would be that easy to find seeing as there's almost no indexable content(which seems to be a thing with the Stone Twins), but that's another discussion. It's unfortunate, though, since they seem to have some interesting ideas.

Not to start a fight or anything, but why is the Nazi swastika in there? The intro seems to imply they're concerned with business and such, and it just doesn't jive, for several reasons.

On Dec.14.2003 at 09:51 PM
ps’s comment is:

i like the graveyard. just the way it is. and i don't care that is doesn't fullfill all our analytical cravings. after all... we can do plenty of that right here at SU.

On Dec.14.2003 at 10:00 PM
DesignMaven’s comment is:

Great site:

Great Concept. Kind of EERIE

I get the HUMOR.

The site is easy to navigate.

I comment on MetLife and British Steel. Where it says Book of Condolences.

If anyone wants to see Research of my comments of British Steel I will email them to Armin or Tan to Post.

Now that I'm a Distant Cousin of Speak Up. I am sure that won't be a problem.


I was in contract negotiations Thursday and Friday so couldn't devote attention to you questions and comments. Best and Worse 2003 Wachovia and nwa.

Your questions and Concerns are addressed in Best and Worse 2003

See you guys in the MOSH PITT of this post only if you want to compare and

contrast my research posted on the Logo Rest in Peace website Book of Condolences. Referencing Britsh Steel.

On Dec.15.2003 at 03:24 AM
Su’s comment is:


. . .


On Dec.15.2003 at 04:30 AM
marian’s comment is:

I love " ... withdrawn from the ocular landscape." Heh heh. Very funny (whether intended or not).

I assumed the dearth of information was as a teaser for the book. At 20,000 words they must have something to say, no? Given that, as a book teaser I think it's a great site. The gravestones were an amusing surprise. Now as an online resource it sucks, but I don't think that's what intended.

But wouldn't that be a great (comprehensive) online resource?

Note "Ben" ... reminds me of "Ted" ...

On Dec.15.2003 at 11:48 AM
Brady’s comment is:


I hoped for a resource but was disappointed to find, yes a teaser site for a book.

Even then it still falls short - especially if they are trying to sell something.

Give me something that makes me want to purchase.

> At 20,000 words they must have something to say, no?

Quantity does not begat quality. A collection of 20,000 words on 50 marks is quite a lot; that alone is not going to make me buy. I could write 20,000 words of drivel, but that does not mean people should read it or enjoy doing it. By the way, the Speak Up word counter says I have 19,313 left.

Providing a sample of the text would allow the seller to better entice the customer. Look at New Riders as an example. Their site offers the would-be buyer a sample chapter of most titles to evaluate. This is why I rarely buy a book - more so a design book - online without being able to peruse it first.

> The gravestones were an amusing surprise.

Yes, the images are amusing - as I said, I got the humor behind them - although I found them highly expected. While they may feel contrived, their readability is their main drawback. Further readability issues on the site are found in the use of the dark gray text on a black background.

Hence, I am disappointed with the site even - or especially(?) - as a teaser to promote a book.

On Dec.15.2003 at 12:50 PM
Armin’s comment is:

I don't believe for a minute that they actually have 20,000 exact words. Impossible. But I am not going to buy the book to check.

I really don't think this Logo R.I.P. thing is bound for the annals of design, it's just kind of funny and very tacky in execution.

What I really like is Design Maven going factual-historical, Saul-Bass-totin’ on their ass.

On Dec.15.2003 at 01:06 PM
marian’s comment is:

Brady, you're right. The site made me curious about the book, but not enough to actually buy it. I rescind my "great site" remark. And depending on what the disbelieved-by-Armin 20,000 words say, it could be a brilliant book or an awful one, but I would assume they've more to say than just the name of the designer.

You GO DesignMaven!

On Dec.15.2003 at 05:37 PM