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Sensitive Everywhere

Another anthropomorphized spokescharacter has succumbed to the cancer of focus groups and brand equity. Gone is the blond haired and mustached avatar of paper products. Grieve for the millions of American widows for whom their Brawny man is no more.

Enter dashing new Brawny. Retooled for today’s hipper kitchens along side of a buff Mister Clean, less identifiable Aunt Jemima and a can-do Maytag Repair Man. If Mars can put those irritable little M&Ms to work then the more anatomically correct counterparts shouldn’t be such slouches. One assumes New Brawny, a quick-coated icon, would put in a hard day’s work fulfilling some outdated concept of domestic servitude, don his shearling jacket, pop a couple of vicodin and take his sweetie out clubbing with Captain Morgan.

According to the Georgia-Pacific’s website regarding their new beau: “40 percent of women who created their “virtual Brawny Man” online in 2002 say their ideal Brawny Man spends his free time helping around the house.”

“Old Brawny Man was so out of date that some execs at Georgia-Pacific, which acquired the line in 2000, referred to him as “the ’70s porn guy.” He became “a man female shoppers wanted to break up with,” said Gino Biondi, director of Georgia-Pacific’s paper towel brands. “They want a guy they can fantasize about.” - Bob Baker, LA Times

On what level of consumerism hell do we continue to propagate this mentality?

Old Brawny now buried the same mass grave as Joe Camel, Marboro Man, Mayor McCheese and the Honey Comb Kid, etc … Can the day be far off when the grim reaper will come with his clip-board and market research for you too Snuggles? Even the Noid thought himself invincible once.

Some of our icon friends age with us and the psychodrama of character governance marches forward. McDonald’s strategists have been working overtime on their mascot. In 1999 their agency, Leo Burnett, hired a stylist to update the clown’s coif. And As reported last summer in the WSJ,

“For several months, McDonald’s Corp. executives have been meeting at headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., trying to decide just how to script a Ronald revival. The Golden Arches is mostly mum on the matter, saying only that the 40-year-old character will start showing up more - and in unexpected places. Maybe he’ll even perform his new dance “Do the Ronald.”’

David Altschul was quoted (Business Journal Portland, 2001) regarding the difficulty of characters in advertising as he was retooling the Maytag Repair Man, “A lot of these classic characters were created in the early years of TV advertising. In those days, the audience accepted a spokescharacter. It was a big deal to be on TV. But the audience has changed. It seems inauthentic to have a celebrity or character mouth the brand strategy now.”

An uphill battle that seems no trouble for the large ad campaign involving Arby’s Mitt.

“The animated Oven Mitt is voiced by actor Tom Arnold, but Scott Lippitt, executive vice president and account management director for Doner, says the campaign is downplaying the famousness of that voice.

“Doner developed Oven Mitt as an animated character who would appeal to teens and adults, rather than younger kids to whom most QSR characters speak. Adult fast-food diners are Arby’s core audience. In preliminary research, Oven Mitt scored over 90 percent in likeability and over 60 percent in conveying the key message of the spot among these consumers, Howe says.”’- Buns in the Oven, By Margaret Littman

When next you stare down the feed chute of popular culture ask yourself, where have all the old characters gone? Tony the Tiger and Colonel Sanders now populated by doppelgangers — shadows of their former selves. Adapt and survive, I suppose. Old Brawny would have been 30 this year: a “Big, Tough Towel” no more.

Contest winner, and “stand-in” Brawny, Mario Cantacessi said about the product, “You know the new America, they want sensitive everywhere.”

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PUBLISHED ON Jan.07.2004 BY E. Tage Larsen
jonsel’s comment is:

Eric, just briliant. I liken the new Brawny to those lunkheaded frat guys I detested in college. Of course, I'm not exactly the target here. My loyalty to Brawny was because I designed the identity for their previous manufacturer, Fort James. Sorry, Georgia-Pacific, I'm all about Rosie and her Bounty now.

The thought of anyone fantasizing about the Brawny guy, new or old, suggests that these women need to get out more. Isn't there a nice butcher they could dream of instead?

On Jan.07.2004 at 03:38 PM
marian’s comment is:

What a great post Eric--beautifully written and well researched--you put me to shame.

We don't have this Brawny paper towel in Canada (I have, in fact, never seen it before in my life), but I agree with "the '70s porn guy" remark, which is pretty much what he looks like to me. I see they now say "The paper towel is still strong but with a softer side." Like their man, presumably.

Don't you think Mr. Clean is a gay icon? He has a very come-hither look, and I just don't think it's for me.

I wonder when we'll be seeing the GoodYear Blimp and the Pilsbury Doughboy working out together in the gym.

On Jan.07.2004 at 03:41 PM
rebecca’s comment is:

Wait. I don't get it. Why is the new guy more sensitive than the old guy? More pictures, please.

On Jan.07.2004 at 03:43 PM
marian’s comment is:

The new Brawny guy has an incredibly small head. All Brawn and no Brains, I guess.

On Jan.07.2004 at 03:44 PM
eric’s comment is:

This also from the LA Times:

"Peter Sealy, a former Coca-Cola executive who teaches marketing at University of California, Berkeley, said Brawny's campaign reflected how "icons have become more real. What you see is the recognition that they've got to be more identifiably contemporary." The old Brawny logo "might as well have been Travolta going to a disco."

New Brawny Man suggests a more metrosexual fellow -- say, one part firefighter, one part well-groomed middle school principal. "Women want that masculinity in a big way," Biondi says, "and then they want that compassionate, sensitive side, too."'

to which my first thought was... what Fab 5 fearing metrosexual would be caught dead in red flannel???

On Jan.07.2004 at 03:50 PM
Christopher Johnston’s comment is:

For some reason the "I'm a Lumberjack" song by the Python boys is coming to mind.

Strange. {{ Mr. Bounty = Metrosexual? }} Ick.


On Jan.07.2004 at 03:59 PM
jonsel’s comment is:

to which my first thought was... what Fab 5 fearing metrosexual would be caught dead in red flannel???

Maybe if you add some western detailing and made it more fitted? umm...anyway...He's more like Evan Marriott (the first and unfortunately not last Joe Millionaire). I expect his signature line to be, "Huh?"

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:01 PM
Armin’s comment is:

I am quite amused that they went through the logistics of implementing a dimple in his chin.

> For some reason the "I'm a Lumberjack" song by the Python boys is coming to mind.

Great, thanks Christopher… now it's stuck in my head.

More serious commentary later. After I get over the dimple thing.

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:09 PM
marian’s comment is:

what Fab 5 fearing metrosexual would be caught dead in red flannel???

Um, me?

(Depending on your definition of Metrosexual.)

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:13 PM
eric’s comment is:

not that we don't all love the photo of you, but metrosexual applies (unfortunately... and a term i'm loathe to use) to boys. Really, it's an updated term for Dandy. but, you know... macho Dandy.

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:19 PM
pk’s comment is:

Really, it's an updated term for Dandy. but, you know... macho Dandy.

yeah. and unfortunately it means a lot of the gay guys around town are getting all sloppy just so they can identify each other.

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:23 PM
Adrian’s comment is:

Everytime I hear Brawny I think of the SNL commercial for Brawny Tampons, at least I thought it was Brawny, with Will Ferrell I think. Anyway it looked like the brawny guy. Enough absorption power to stop a river. Great stuff.

On Jan.07.2004 at 04:35 PM
Valerie’s comment is:

Great topic! I must agree with GP's retooling of the "70s porno man". Although I don't find myself fantasizing about a lumberjack paper towel representative, or any mascot associated with cleaning products for that matter. It does seem that Mr. Brawny has undergone a Queer Eye transformation, despite still wearing a flannel shirt. Perhaps being a "paper towel guy", he doesn't want to dirty his new wardrobe from Ralph Lauren.

One mascot that I am happy to see hasn't undergone many changes is Mr. Peanut. I've seen some new-ish commercials featuring the ol' chap and I think his appeal still holds up today.

On Jan.07.2004 at 05:11 PM
Tan’s comment is:

You know what commercial mascot could use a killing? The stupid, cost-cutting smilie-face from the Walmart commercials. I fucking hate that thing -- and the stupid music, and the stupid Walmart employees who give it thumbs up and crap.

A beloved mascot you didn't mention is Handy, the Hamburger Helper Hand (ficticiously invented by Ben Day). I noticed that they brought him back in a few recent commercials, but then he disappeared again. Must've freaked some people out. He's sort of the father of Arby's Oven Mitt.

The new Brawny looks like Puddy from Seinfeld. And it's ok if the guy is gay -- after all, he's spending time w/ the wife while you're at work.

This is a hilarious thread big e.

On Jan.07.2004 at 05:16 PM
Mr. Jones’s comment is:

I agree with Valerie...the new Brawny man looks like a wuss. I liked the old 70’s porno Brawny guy (they are paper towels for God sakes). The old Brawny guy looked like he could step in and wipe anything up...food, soda, half eaten racoons...No problem! Might it only be a matter of time before they stop using “Brawny” altogether and change it to “Tidy” something more sensitive and maybe put a feather duster in his hand. I am interested to see if sales went up after the new sensitive Brawny man stepped in the picture.

Marian...maybe you could sign a deal and launch Canadian Brawny and travel to grocery stores wiping spills up.

I fucking hate that thing -- and the stupid music, and the stupid Walmart employees who give it thumbs up and crap.

Tan the Walmart ads drive me nuts too! Especially the way they force smiley face guy to wear stupid outfits...I think once he was wearing a Robin Hood get up, it’s just not right! The whole things falls under the so bad you can’t get it out of your head category. “Put on a happy face!”

On Jan.07.2004 at 05:40 PM
marian’s comment is:

but metrosexual applies [...] to boys

Oops. How embarrassing. How hick of me.

Tan. I'm completely with you on that bouncing smiley face thing. The whole schtick drives me completely up the wall.

I'm not sure, but when Eric talked about the Arby's Mitt, I may have been envisioning the HH Hand. These are two that I would not do well on with a Logo Drawdown. It's like the old Esso Tiger-in-the-tank and the Tiger from the cereal ... uh ... Frosted Flakes? Whatever -- I never could tell them apart.

But there's something about the corniness of these things that really appeals to me. I predict we're going to see a comeback of the brand mascot.

Marian...maybe you could sign a deal and launch Canadian Brawny and travel to grocery stores wiping spills up.

O joy.

On Jan.07.2004 at 05:53 PM
Valerie’s comment is:

Just a brief diatribe on Oven Mitt:

I don't get it. While on deadline, I (unfortunately) went to Arby's for a late-night snack. While my coworkers and I were there, we discussed Oven Mitt at length. It's a computer-generated, genderless, nameless object. I have never seen any employee of Arby's pulling out some piping hot roast beef from an oven. How O.M. "scored over 90 percent in likeability... in conveying the key message of the spot among these consumers" I will never know. Even the Noid had more appeal. How did this character have possibly made it through the dozens of levels of approval before going to print, TV, and the like?

I think that Oven Mitt (as well as that damn Wal-Mart smiley face) should go away. For good. Now.

On Jan.07.2004 at 06:04 PM
.sara’s comment is:

Hee; the Noid. I used to have one of the bendable Noids with the suction cup hands. (Amen on the Wal-Mart smileyfacething. Boo.)

Y'know who I never could stand (even though I didn't seem him much as a kid in the '80s)? Mr. Whipple; hypocrite. The "Where's the Beef?!" lady for Wendy's always cracked me up, though.

This is a great post, Eric. Do newer products even have mascots anymore? I can't think of any.

On Jan.07.2004 at 06:36 PM
Rick’s comment is:

yeah. and unfortunately it means a lot of the gay guys around town are getting all sloppy just so they can identify each other.


That ruled.

The old Brawny man was just the Camel guy, vectorized.

Side point - I agree with Valerie. The Oven Mitt just doesn't reach me. Whatever - I'm a vegetarian, but I don't think that disqualifies me completely. I have to wonder if the days of new mascots and spokesanimal-or-kitchen-utensils are over. I can't think of a single newish one that has lasted... but the old gods are eternal (Mickey, Toucan Sam, Doughboy, etc).

The Mitts-come-lately sem to just be temporary solutions to ad campaings that are broken.


On Jan.07.2004 at 06:36 PM
big steve’s comment is:

Everything i wanted to say was said - from the Joe Millionare comment (my first impression) to the hamburger helper.... y todo.

I guess i'm with everyone - i hate, hate, hate this softer side rubbish! i hate everything metrosexual and to paraphrase fight club, how we've become a pussified species of men raised by their mothers... i'm guilty of it all, but i think it sucks - mostly i think this brawny guy sucks.

this tool couldn't hold a candle to the john holmes look-a-like that i grew up with.

finally - if all of this hooey about a more educated/sophisticated consumer was true, people wouldnt be buying paper towels based on the face on the plastic, but rather on the paper beneath. I kinda wish they had gone all the way though, and put our sweet lumberjack in a nice polo shirt with streaks in his hair and maybe a charm bracelet instead of an axe.

On Jan.07.2004 at 07:15 PM
Marshall’s comment is:

Hey, how about Bip the Michelin Man? I've always adored that mascot, but have been less than pleased that he's now been brought to life. He now reminds me of the new cartoon KFC Colonel. Yuck.

On Jan.07.2004 at 07:17 PM
Tan’s comment is:

> I can't think of a single newish one that has lasted.

God, we're all forgetting the best new mascot (sort of) in recent memory -- JACK, CEO of Jack In The Box. (And his son too.)

Jack is so great that we forget that he's a caricature. The entire campaign just rules.

Jack Anderson (of HADW) once told me a great story about JACK (of JITB). HADW was doing some packaging rebranding for JITB at the time, and Jack A. was on the phone with the ad agency responsible for JITB's ad campaign (I forget the name). Anyway, after about 10 minutes on the phone with the agency's creative director, Jack A. asked the CD if they had met before, because his voice sounded so familiar. He then immediately realized that the CD's voice was the voice of JACK, from the commercials. The CD told him that he was never able to find a talent that could fill the character as he had envisioned -- so he did it himself.

I love it when they change the shape of his mouth to a pucker. Love those ads.

On Jan.07.2004 at 07:30 PM
big steve’s comment is:

jesus! the HIP HOP colonel makes me puke my face...

what about the twink Link, of zelda? he keeps getting more and more "controversial"

anyone remember the old wendy's girl (i believe it was Dav Thomas' daughter) ... she was kinda cute in a pippy longstocking kinda way...

On Jan.07.2004 at 07:32 PM
marian’s comment is:

Bip the Michelin Man

Oh Crap. That's who I meant when I said the GoodYear blimp. The blimp is that zeppelin that flies around in the sky, the Michelin man is the father of the Pilsbury Doughboy.

2 strikes. One more 'n' I'm out.

Jack in the Box is another one we don't have here, but a friend of mine, while in the US in 2000 got a JITB "millennial ball" : the little character's head, I presume, for her car antennae. I always liked the way it looked, bobbing in the wind. Funny, and oddly endearing.

On Jan.07.2004 at 08:03 PM
Marshall’s comment is:

You residents of the USA should just be thankful that you don't have to endure the latest Canadian Tire commercials with their oh-so-perky spokescouple.

On Jan.07.2004 at 08:16 PM
debbie millman’s comment is:

One of the loveliest brand characters ever: The Morton Salt Girl.

Some facts about her: she's never had a name, and she is between 7-9 years old. She was created in 1914 and there have been six variations of her.

On Jan.07.2004 at 08:22 PM
pk’s comment is:

there's a really disturbing billboard here in chicago featuring the morton salt girl...a picture of her trailing salt over a plate of fries. copy reads "she's got a shake to go with those fries." the innuendo's kinda creepy when you see it applied to this apparently-mummified eternally childlike mascot.

On Jan.07.2004 at 08:33 PM
debbie millman’s comment is:

oh, dear pk, I so don't want to know that...

But thanks for the warning, I will be in Chicago on Friday...

On Jan.07.2004 at 08:38 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Some random thoughts on spokesperson/animals. Based off this gem of a little book.


The spud weird looking dog has also made a comeback hasn't he? He is in all the latest TV ads. I am surprised Target didn't flinch at the thought of people assoicating it to Budweiser's MacKenzie. I'm surprised that drunken ass dog doesn't get mentioned more often.


(2 hours later)

Sorry, got sidetracked. More comments eventually.

On Jan.07.2004 at 09:44 PM
marian’s comment is:

that drunken ass dog

Is this Bob Cherry's dog? (Canadians?) or is there no connection?

And I forgot to stand with Valerie and say Hooray for Mr. Peanut--may he never wear clothes or get laser eye surgery. Although, disturbingly, on the Planters website they have him shooting baskets, which seems incredibly ungentlemanly. Snooker maybe, cricket perhaps ... And then there's this. Now there's some subliminal advertising!

On Jan.08.2004 at 12:25 AM
Bradley’s comment is:

This is a cool topic but it really hit a nerve for me today--I have a problem with icons in general (who the fuck thinks this shit up?), and an even bigger problem with percentages of people liking something. By that I mean...focus groups. Testing is one thing, testing the way these people test is another. Just because something tests well doesn't mean its the best solution; I'd be willing to bet that focus groups saw several different dudes, and maybe a couple of other icons. So...its...better than the other crap. Yay. Doesn't mean its a good idea.

What marketing people perceive to be a good idea often ranks as sheer and utter mental retardation. Like, McDonald's--I'm sure somebody on that exec committee went to Harvard or one of its clones, yet its company policy to say that THERE IS ONLY ONE RONALD. WHY??? Some of them probably believe that too!

Trust me...there's a better way to bring brands to life.

Sorry, I'm irritable today. Especially now that I'm going to have a damn rash on my brain all night trying to digest that blither-blather marketing-speak.

On Jan.08.2004 at 12:41 AM
big steve’s comment is:

Yeah - and i bet it was one of those Ivy league boys on the McDs exec committee that came up with their Lovin It campaign... if you haven't seen um in spanish, they only get better!

On Jan.08.2004 at 05:52 AM
surts’s comment is:

A couple of the comments above reminded me of an article I recently read at FreshMeat titled Pun Americana

On Jan.08.2004 at 07:26 AM
Alan Caplan’s comment is:

Tan, I just love those Jack in the Box ads too. They've always made me laugh.

Has anyone seen the Sprint PCS ads with not only the "trenchcoat guy" (boring!) but the Pilsbury Doughboy? The poor little guy looks so depressed in that ad. I don't blame him.

On Jan.08.2004 at 09:09 AM
Valerie’s comment is:

Marian, I love the "one large nut" undies. Not so subtle huh?

Something intersting about our dear Mr. Peanut that I found: Mr. Peanut was created by 13 year-old Antonio Gentile in a logo contest held by Planters in 1916. He won the grand prize of $5.00.� His drawing of a peanut person with arms and crossed legs was refined by a professional illustrator who added the top hat, monocle, white gloves and cane.

I wonder what this poor kid would think of his $5 creation gracing a pair of boxers.

On Jan.08.2004 at 10:33 AM
mrTIM’s comment is:

I don't know how I feel about the peanut... I mean, sometimes he can be cool and sophisticated (usually when just an icon and not animated), but then he becomes a creepy dancing guy-in-a-suite-wearing-tights (mainly in the new cell-shaded animations where he dances at the end.)

I think he only creeps me out when he animates because it draws attention to his skinny spandex covered legs.

Also, someone mentioned "new" mascots, and the lack of them...

I think that they still exist and are breeding well, it's just they moved from the mundane household products into the world of professional sports.

On Jan.08.2004 at 11:39 AM
.sara’s comment is:

Love the JitB campaign. And that they continue it in the restaurants with portaits of Jack (the funniest one I've seen is with Jack standing near a white, New Beetle with a... yellow cap in the middle of the roof, hee).

Alan, while I find the SprintPCS trenchcoat guy a little tiring, he's much easier to take than Mr. "Can You Hear Me Now?"-Verizon. Gah! (Speaking of which, JitB's parody of that? Sharp.)

On Jan.08.2004 at 12:31 PM
Valerie’s comment is:

I really need to stop commenting on this subject and get back to work, but I just saw this quiz about Mr. Brawny.

And this article from Flak magazine apparently sharing the anti-Oven Mitt sentiment. Hilarious!

On Jan.08.2004 at 02:26 PM
Bradley’s comment is:

As far as Mr. Peanut goes, I loved him in that episode of the Simpsons when he's prancing around with other giant advertising icons brought to life and uses a can opener on a car and eats the people.

On Jan.08.2004 at 05:03 PM
M Kingsley’s comment is:

In the 1970s, Toronto-based artist Vincent Trasov took on the persona (and shell) of Mr. Peanut -- even at one point running for Mayor as Mr. Peanut.

This was part of a collaboration with Michael Morris known as Image Bank. Some Speak Up readers may be more familiar with the Toronto art collaborative known as General Idea. While they began a few years later, the sense of humorous cultural/media critique was similar. General Idea were also publishers of File 'megazine', which featured Trasov's Mr. Peanut in earlier issues.

Pictures of Mr. Peanut on summer vacation can be found http://www.belkin-gallery.ubc.ca/webpage/archives/babyland1.html" target="_blank"> here, with a more randy display on http://www.belkin-gallery.ubc.ca/webpage/archives/babyland2.html" target="_blank"> this page (scroll down a bit).

On Jan.08.2004 at 09:45 PM
Seffis’s comment is:

Hey, I think the new Brawny guy is actually late-'80s Chuck Woolery. Call me crazy.

On Jan.08.2004 at 11:46 PM
eric’s comment is:

Valerie, thanks for the additional research. questionaire was creepy.

speaking of creepy... those Mr. Peanut at the nudist resort photos will find hold in my unconscious for future therapy sessions, thanks Mark. Very Residents of them.

On Jan.09.2004 at 12:22 AM
Adrian’s comment is:

They need to kill the pirate! Capt. Morgan needs to be changed, I don't know how, but he does.

Also Sam Adams Beer mascot (Sam Adams) should not be in the commercials either. Just as bad as the Capt.

What ever happened to Grimace from McD's? What was he? And why was his name Grimace?

Grimace - A sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust.

On Jan.09.2004 at 10:12 AM
marian’s comment is:

Thanks, Mark. I vaguely remember the personification of Mr. Peanut. I always wondered how they got away with that.

I think Grimace was what you turn into if you continue to eat at McDonald's. Kindof a subliminal morality character. The name comes from the expression on your face when you looked in the mirror and suddenly realized ...

No wonder they axed him.

On Jan.09.2004 at 10:50 AM
Christopher Johnston’s comment is:

What ever happened to Grimace from McD's? What was he? And why was his name Grimace?

I've decided that he is a grotesque talking purple mushroom or some sort of personified upside-down urinal sanitizer. In either case, due to the nature of McDonalds business (and its other characters [the "fryguys",etc.]) sponsored youth consumption of either scenario lead to a suspect marketing message.


On Jan.09.2004 at 12:06 PM
Christopher Johnston’s comment is:

Yet my favorite character is still MacTonight. How creepy was he?


On Jan.09.2004 at 12:10 PM
Lea’s comment is:

Ha ha... Grimace. We had the mascot come to my twin sisters 1 yr. old b-day party. He made them cry, whilst I, a wary 6 year old, whacked him a couple of times because he freaked me out. There's just something weird with giant purple blobs like that.

On Jan.09.2004 at 10:37 PM
Tan’s comment is:


...mated with Barney,

...and gave birth to Tinky-winky

Which just goes to prove that purple is the color of evil.

On Jan.10.2004 at 11:34 AM
mrTIM’s comment is:

AHHHHH! my eyes are burning!!!!!

On Jan.10.2004 at 08:06 PM
Bradley’s comment is:

Two words: California Raisins. Yeeah.

On Jan.11.2004 at 02:27 PM
Michael B.’s comment is:

If you'd like to know more about The Kentucky Fried Chicken Hip Hop Cartoon Colonel, the wonderful radio show This American Life did a piece on it in their annual "Poultry Slam" show, Thanksgiving 1999. Look for episode 145, act three. Hilarious, and full of surprises.

On Jan.12.2004 at 06:12 PM
marian’s comment is:

Thank you Michael.

On Jan.13.2004 at 09:19 PM
Mark Kaufman’s comment is:

I am coming in late to this discussion. It seems to have de-generated into a nostalgia fest, which to me just goes to show that no matter what we all think of mascots, they suck, they rock, they need to leave them alone, we friggin' love them and remember them.

As for updating them, I know that over the course of my lifetime, characters are always changed to reflect some middle aged art directors notion of keepin' it real for the kids. Whether the Campbel Kids sang in a barbershop quartet, fronted a rock band, wore shades, slimmed down, went extreme on a skateboard or popped a cap in Gordon Elliot's ass, it's just the nature of the beast.

On Jan.15.2004 at 02:53 PM
ray’s comment is:

I can't believe I just read all that, interesting how you stumble across things on the web. I just had to add snuggle, he has been around for a while.

On Jan.03.2005 at 04:37 AM
Mark’s comment is:

The new Brawny guy is I think someone who won the "new Brawny man" contest from 2001 or something like that.

Anyway heres a pic for comparison

The old guy seems like a lumberjack from the 1970s the new one looks like a Baywatch Wannabee lumberjack LOL

It seems odd to put a guy on paper towel rappings

anyway I remember that Brawny aired an ad where the two paper towel designs old and new were watching soaps or something and the twop guys were "talking" top eachother while wathing tv. I know bad commercial huh?

how low can you go.

On Aug.18.2005 at 04:19 PM