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6. Brook Lorntson

It’s hard to be anything but general in description of my time working in the journal. It was fun because, well, how could it not be? Liberating for being able to complete my pages without touching the computer. I felt devious hiding little things everywhere. Just overall a fulfilling experience. I really enjoyed all of the previous contributions as well.

I felt that things had may have been a little too flat, with the exception of the cut flip pages. I tried to make the most of the sense of exploration one could have turning the pages. There is a page that requires you to untie and unwrap something. Odd little messages are written in odd (and hidden) places. Everything seems strange and curious. Some morbid things, bits of stories…lots to make you think, but no complete message or theme.

I felt more restrained when touching finished pages (well I guess it won’t be ‘finished’ until everyone has their turn.) So those areas seem a bit more conservative, or just decorative. I hoped to add to those messages, or my interpretation of them anyway.

I also wanted to use a lot more than just a pen. There are (among other
things), iron on transfers, wood burnings (I had wet towels standing by!), foreign currency (where HAS this thing been?), prophylactics (open for interpretation), photographs and random ephemera. I really wanted this to have a curiosity and exploratory feel. So enjoy!


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PUBLISHED ON Jan.17.2004 BY Speak Up
Armin’s comment is:

Man, Brook, you burnt the damn journal! Like, totally, literally.

Looks very cool. I was very impressed with the attention to detail, and the open condom made me laugh out loud... wha? I'm a guy, OK? Things like that are funny in a Hooters-kind-of-way.

Anyway, I'm very excited to see what everybody's done to Open Space, I can't wait to see it all finished.

Thanks for contributing Brook.

On Jan.18.2004 at 10:09 PM