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PUBLISHED ON Mar.19.2004 BY Armin
Justin’s comment is:

Woohoo. What the hell, it's friday.

On Mar.19.2004 at 02:01 PM
Greg’s comment is:

You know what'd be fun? "Word It" T-shirts. Thoughts?

On Mar.21.2004 at 09:07 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Not a bad idea… They could be printed "on demand". Anybody know of a good service that offers this? Cafepress might actually work, since word its are mostly 4-color. And each creator would have to agree, of course.

On Mar.22.2004 at 11:29 AM
Sarah B.’s comment is:

Cafepress is GREAT!

On Mar.23.2004 at 10:58 PM
Michael’s comment is:

Mine came in the other day. Very nice. Thanks!

On Mar.30.2004 at 05:44 PM
mitch’s comment is:


if you had one in super extra chubby size i'd grab one. alas. they do look schweet tho.

On Mar.30.2004 at 05:50 PM
mitch’s comment is:

whoops...just to add to this... (wish there was a way to edit posts on here) from my own personal experience, Cafepress is absoloute garbage. A private forum i am on wanted to do shirts and after a ton of research we decided that its just dramatically better shirt and graphic quality to get them silk-screened locally - its also a hell of a lot more profitable if you can order in bulk. The obvious catch is that you cannot do an 'on-demand' shirt like Cafepress, which while good for the novelty, is really a horrible way to do a shirt... its barely better than an iron-on inkjet transfer. Whoever figures a way to do a Cafepress model business with good quality printing and top quality shirts will make a fortune.

On Mar.30.2004 at 05:55 PM