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Go Armin, it’s your Birthday…

Happy Birthday to you
Sapo verde eres tu
Happy Birthday to you
Sapo verde eres tu
Happy Birthday dear Armin
Sapo verde es Armin
Happy Birthday to you
Sapo verde eres tu

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PUBLISHED ON Aug.05.2004 BY bryony
Bryony’s comment is:

Happy Birthday my love

On Aug.05.2004 at 06:50 AM
StephD’s comment is:

Happy Birthday Armin! Have a great day.

On Aug.05.2004 at 07:49 AM
Alan Caplan’s comment is:

Hey, whaddya know, It's my birthday too!

On Aug.05.2004 at 08:30 AM
bryony’s comment is:

Happy Birthday Alan!

On Aug.05.2004 at 08:34 AM
Brady’s comment is:

Armin's a green toad? I KNEW IT!

I've always heard it sung this way, but never found out why a green toad! A history lesson?

Armin, just remember two words ...

fine... wine.

The older you get the more you need to think you are exactly that - fine wine.

Happy Day brotha!

- -

I guess Alan's a green toad, too! Happy Day to you as well.

On Aug.05.2004 at 08:50 AM
Kevin Lo’s comment is:

Happy birthday man! and in true Speak Up populist fashion I point you to these beautifully crafted, poetically enchanting, and insightfully true lyrics.

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:01 AM
debbie millman’s comment is:


: )

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:32 AM
justin m’s comment is:

Happy birthday to the gentleman who runs my favorite forum!

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:35 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

> A history lesson?

I have no idea where the Sapo Verde thing came from. It just syncs really well with the melody.

(And happy day to you too alan)

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:36 AM
Jeff Gill’s comment is:


�cumplea�os felices!


�feliz cumplea�os!


�cumplea�os feliz!

It's hard to know which free online translation service to believe when one does not speak Spanish & one's Spanish-speaking sister is still in bed in America.

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:41 AM
Patrick C’s comment is:

Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:44 AM
sosa’s comment is:

Feliz cumplea�os compa!

You are a green toad too!

On Aug.05.2004 at 09:48 AM
ps’s comment is:


happy b-day.

(aren't you glad to be a year older... pretty soon we'll have to take you seriously.)


On Aug.05.2004 at 10:26 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Ha… low blow peter!

On Aug.05.2004 at 10:30 AM
ginny’s comment is:

Happy, HAPPY, Joy, JOY!

To both Armin and Alan and everyone else's name that starts with an A who's birthday is today.

On Aug.05.2004 at 10:33 AM
ps’s comment is:

i knew you could take it. not like iron mike.


On Aug.05.2004 at 10:40 AM
Carmen’s comment is:

Celebro tu cumplea�os

tan pronto el dia tocar el sol

y en este dia glorioso

pido tu dicha al se�or

porque lo he considerado

como el regalo mejor

toma mi abrazo tu amiga(o) soy


This is how we sing happy b-day in the DR.

Happy B-day Arminiano

On Aug.05.2004 at 10:43 AM
Hrant’s comment is:

Shnorhavor Daretarts.


On Aug.05.2004 at 10:45 AM
Alan Caplan’s comment is:

Want to know something else coincidental? I used to work at marchFIRST, same as Armin.

Same former employer.

Same Birthday.

Same first letter of our name.

Perhaps we are the same person, and we don't know it.

On Aug.05.2004 at 11:00 AM
Paul’s comment is:

I for one have never seen you both in the same room at the same time, so it does seem distinctly possible.

Happy Birthday, boys!

On Aug.05.2004 at 11:15 AM
jenny’s comment is:

Happy Birthday! Have a great one...

On Aug.05.2004 at 12:07 PM
James’s comment is:

Happy birthday Armin and Alan! And a very merry Unbirthday to everyone else

On Aug.05.2004 at 12:09 PM
arturo’s comment is:

Ese paisa... happy birthday, have a great day (I know you will) y a soplar bien juerte en las velitas ;-)

On Aug.05.2004 at 12:15 PM
Nary’s comment is:

happy birthday Armin & Alan! congratulations on turning 12, you guys. stay young, stay cool, stay opinionated, and may you have many many more happy birthdays to come.

here's your horoscope dear Leos.

have a simply beautiful day.

On Aug.05.2004 at 12:16 PM
marian’s comment is:

Buon Compleanno!


many happy returns of the day.

(a phrase i've never completely understood.)

On Aug.05.2004 at 01:02 PM
Sarah B.’s comment is:

Yay... Happy Bday...

to Armin..Alan... and to Patrick Ewing (42)... Maureen McCormick (48)...Loni Anderson (58)...

I am a very bored Sarah today!

On Aug.05.2004 at 01:47 PM
Rick’s comment is:

Whoo Ha! Yom Huledet Samea'ch! Hope it's a good one, and here's to many more!

You don't look a day over... ummm... 23!

On Aug.05.2004 at 01:54 PM
Tim Lapetino’s comment is:

Happy B-Day, Armin (and Alan)!

Armin, you're an inspiration and a challenge to me, every day. Your legacy in birthing SU has already paid great dividends in my designer's heart. On your best days, you remind me of everything I love about design, and on other days, you challenge me to think deeply about what I do and think. All GREAT stuff!

So, have a good birthday, kick back a little bit, and keep touching lives like you are! :)

On Aug.05.2004 at 02:03 PM
pedro’s comment is:

That’s not fair!!!!

I had a busy day and was just able to open speakup and find already 27 hoorahs for Armin and mine is not there.

I congratulated him very early by phone (maybe 2nd after Bryony) - guess that doesnt count!!!

Anyway its cabalistic that there were 27 comments when I looked in (one for each year!!!)

Congrats Armin!!!!

On Aug.05.2004 at 02:22 PM
David Weinberger’s comment is:

Happy 21st Birthday Armin, drink up!

On Aug.05.2004 at 02:35 PM
Greg’s comment is:

In honor of Armin's birthday, I will now juggle a paper coffee cup (coffeeless), an exacto knife (bladeless), and a Sheepie (sheepless), all while humming Happy Birthday in A flat.

Drumroll please....


Did anyone see it? Well, that's ok, I can't juggle (nor do I have perfect pitch). HFB Armin!

On Aug.05.2004 at 02:56 PM
Andrew Twigg’s comment is:

Happy birthday, Armin.

On Aug.05.2004 at 03:21 PM
Joseph’s comment is:

Happy Birfday from da hood.

Im not from the hood. :(

On Aug.05.2004 at 03:48 PM
DesignMaven’s comment is:

In the words of my FAVORITE childhood actor.



Ethelbert McGinnis.

hApPIe bOiRtHdAy


On Aug.05.2004 at 04:17 PM
Don Julio’s comment is:

Also today: Melrose actress Josie Bissett (34) and Marsha, Marsha... Maureen McCormick (48)! To top it all off the first edition of Dick Clark's "American Bandstand'' aired on national TV. (1957, ABC) You rock.

What do they say about the company you keep? Happy Birthday.

On Aug.05.2004 at 04:27 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Man, thank you all for the great wishes! When I become rich and famous I'll throw a huge ass party and invite everybody here… except Weinberger and ps ; )

On Aug.05.2004 at 04:36 PM
Jose Nieto’s comment is:

Feliz, feliz en tu dia

Amiguito que Dios te bendiga

Que reine la paz en tu dia

Y que cumplas muchos mas!

(That's the song in PR, BTW.)

Hope it's a good one...

On Aug.05.2004 at 04:45 PM
Spencer Cross [5000!]’s comment is:

Happy birthday Armin. My 30th's tomorrow. Until this year I've only known of one person in my entire life before now that had a similar birthday. In the last week I've discovered four other people! Strange!

On Aug.05.2004 at 05:13 PM
mitch’s comment is:

happy b-day, Dr. Vit

On Aug.05.2004 at 10:09 PM
Tom Dolan’s comment is:

Leo power! Happy birthday Armin.

On Aug.06.2004 at 08:42 AM
Rob ’s comment is:

Hey, sorry, was travelling all day yesterday and didn't have time to access the web. So hope your birthday rocked and many happy birthdays to grow on. Have a great weekend.

On Aug.06.2004 at 11:14 AM
Jes�s de Francisco’s comment is:

�Fel�z Cumplea�os, amigo!

On Aug.06.2004 at 02:59 PM
Sebastian’s comment is:

offline for a few days

always late!


mas vale tarde que nunca

feliz cumplea�os!

On Aug.07.2004 at 03:41 PM
El Jerry’s comment is:

Happy belated birthday bro!

Te debo una chela por ay cuando nos veamos.

On Aug.16.2004 at 03:58 PM