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Speak Up Poster Critique › 91-120

For those who giveth:
Be honest, objective and thorough. Don’t be obnoxious, insulting or a jerk.

For those who receiveth: Be receptive, open and talkative. Don’t be defensive, whiny or sad.

Posters 91 through 120 are open for critique.

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PUBLISHED ON Nov.29.2004 BY Armin
Armin’s comment is:

Since 61-90 wasn't such a succesful batch let's move on to the next thirty.

Unfortunately, nothing stroke my fancy from these, so I don't have much to offer.

On Nov.29.2004 at 02:17 PM
szkat’s comment is:

armin! i'm shocked. really, nothing at all, moved you either way?

ah well.

#99: i'd like more if the hand was placed with more relation to the axis - it's too far to the left and i think should be rotated clockwise a little. but i'm into the colors and typography.

#101: that color makes my left eye twitch but i think it's an interesting literal interpretation.

#113: ditto on that.

On Nov.29.2004 at 02:57 PM
Spencer Fruhling’s comment is:

#105 and #119 are cool looking.

There's my in-depth critique.

On Nov.29.2004 at 04:15 PM
Patrick C’s comment is:

I haven't really participated in this so far so, although I have to agree with Armin, I will offer some opinions.

Overall, there is a lot of typography that needs work in these examples.

104: I think the quote is great for Speak Up. Overall the execution is simple and effective. I like the type treatment until I get to bigot and then the i and g throw me a little...took me a minute to figure out what it said. I also don't know if that was the best way to handle the "crushing" of the g. I think I would have preferred colours that were hot...afterall she's angry right? But again, layout, type, and image are all good and nicely handled.

109: I like this one but there are a couple things I'm not sure of. I love the colours (or lack thereof) and I also like the quote (again a good quote for Speak Up). Good combination of serif and handwritten. The handwritten made me laugh when I read it...great! I guess I don't "get" the birds. I can't help but think it would have been better if the two lines were closer together and perhaps if there was only one pencil. But maybe I'm missing something?

101: Nice illustration and fresh take on the barcode thing and I do think it says a lot about what designers do. Don't care for the colour, but that's a personal thing. Don't know if I like the handling of the typography. Would like to have seen it placed "out of the way." Maybe down below the bar code or where the bar code numbers are.

On Nov.29.2004 at 04:30 PM
amanda’s comment is:

I like #119. The colors work well together, and the shopping cart line is visually fun. I would hang it on my wall for sure.

If I were to offer constructive feedback on this one, I would suggest that the flower shapes be more developed (although I like the veins in the two leaves). I would have liked to see the stem look a bit more organic to contrast the carts. Or perhaps the petals either go more natural looking, or much more smooth/perfect to match the stem - not that in between area. You know that in between thing where it is not one or the other.

On Nov.29.2004 at 05:28 PM
Tan’s comment is:

95. There's something about this one that I find striking. Type needs work though.

120. I'm a sucker for big red posters. The quote is ho-hum though, and the price tag has to go.

116. Sorry Peter, but not really a favorite of mine—but I just have to give credit and point out your masterful job of justified type. I'm sure the wide measure helped.

On Nov.29.2004 at 06:23 PM
ps’s comment is:

i thought #101 had something. not my favorite pick probably, but i thought it worked not only the quote aspect, but also took the author into consideration, which to me was a nice touch. not sure if anyone else captured that.

On Nov.29.2004 at 11:42 PM
Renata’s comment is:


Thanks for the crit on the 119. You are absolutely right. Why are the leaves organic and the steam so straight? I really don't know what I was thinking on that one.


On Nov.30.2004 at 11:38 AM
Mason’s comment is:


I liked your abstract approach. The straight stem and flat petals give the poster a childlike feel, like it was made with construction paper.

You got my vote.

On Nov.30.2004 at 01:15 PM
Renata’s comment is:

Thanks Mason!

On another note, I am finding interesting how I notice different poster this time around, and poster I "liked" before are not so cool anymore. Does anyone feel the same?


On Nov.30.2004 at 05:24 PM
Bryony’s comment is:

#99: i'd like more if the hand was placed with more relation to the axis - it's too far to the left and i think should be rotated clockwise a little. but i'm into the colors and typography.

No. 99

It is actually the fact that the hand it not centered, and too far to the left that pulls me into this poster. There is tension in the placing and the red details in the hand. Also, rotating it would of made too much into a thumbs-up (at least at first glance).

No. 101

I like the feel of this poster, it has a dynamic flow that is soothing (contradictory to most consumption experiences, at least in my case) and calm. I agree thought, that the type does not feel integrated and could be worked out better. It feels somewhat placed.

No. 102

While somewhat freaked out by the baby, I can see “google” becoming the first word spoken (and heard by overeager parents you want to distinguish a word out of baby noises). That part is funny. The execution of the poster, overall is poor, and the type is weak.

No. 114

I have slowly liked this poster. On a first impression I was not that drawn to it, but as time progresses I like the color selection and the way different elements come forward each time I look at it. One day the eye, another the type… I also feel the type treatment is very personal, as is the position taken by the quotes author.

No. 115

Somewhere between stamping and pixilation, it reminds me of theater posters. I like the type treatment, love the colors, but I am not thrilled over the quote.

No. 118

Cute. Funny. Not entirely resolved, mostly in regards to the type. It gives me the impression of the easy way out, just center all the elements on the page, stacked.

On Dec.02.2004 at 09:26 AM
KMcC’s comment is:

hi! number 92 here! just wondering what people thought about my poster...i already have some ideas of what it needs, but i still have to hand it in for a final crit and would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. thanks!

here's where i wiegh in:

not sure about the popularity of 118, i think its because i had my gill sans phase, and now i hate the font...i also dont really dif the whole chicken thing...a bit strange.

i did like 114, it drew my attention after it went to the popular finals. I think the type is pretty well resolved until the line after elevated...

I like both 105 and 112 for their mischieviousness, but neither one seems finished..the former a little undercooked, and the latter a littel overcooked.

there are a number of posters here from my classmates...so i will withhold my comments about them...

best poster in this bunch that got no votes: 104...i love the active nature of the graphic interacting with the type...i think i also appreciate the quote.

thats all for now...

On Dec.02.2004 at 02:05 PM
Kevin McGuire’s comment is:


A couple things I think could jazz up your poster:

Move the sunbeam image to the right, so that it's not horizontally centered, perhaps behind the text.

I would also try moving the pan image to the right, maybe making it smaller.

Also I think it might be nice to see some variance in type size, instead of just weight.

On Dec.02.2004 at 03:36 PM