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Guttural expressionistic stargazingly thoughtful intrinsically intuitive yes?

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PUBLISHED ON Jul.11.2005 BY bryony
mazzei’s comment is:

well done! heehaa funny!

On Jul.11.2005 at 05:34 PM
Isabelle’s comment is:

Abso-f...lutely gr8.

Would b intersting 2 c this on film.

On Jul.11.2005 at 08:56 PM
Steve Mock’s comment is:

...or set to music. Fun.

See what buying a home will do to ya'?

On Jul.12.2005 at 08:05 AM
Bryony’s comment is:

Thanks Nancy.

film and music

Interesting that those thoughts would come up. I wrote a piece a few years back in this similar style, although quite a bit longer, that ended up being used for a performance. Dancers, a reader and an illustrator with a projector creating scenes as a backdrop for the dancers. I didn't see it, but supposedly it was great.

On Jul.12.2005 at 10:13 AM
Armin’s comment is:

At dinner, we actually talk like this…

Rice good thirsty water ice cream now groceries need rice cat scratching oh need litter

And on, and on…

On Jul.12.2005 at 10:24 AM
Darrel’s comment is:

Ironically, it reads like a lot of Spam I get these days.

On Jul.12.2005 at 10:44 AM
debbie millman’s comment is:

> Guttural expressionistic stargazingly thoughtful intrinsically intuitive yes?

yes i said yes i will yes

(well done, b)

On Jul.12.2005 at 10:57 AM
Bryony’s comment is:

how do you deal with intuition?

how do you approach it?

how do you sell it?

how do you become and allow yourself to be intuitive?

On Jul.12.2005 at 12:14 PM
Lyndi ’s comment is:

intuition to me is really a scary thing and at the same time a beautiful moment...i can either completely trust myself and go with the gut feeling...the little thing in my head telling me to

do something a certain way. how can we tell the difference between intution and rationalization?

On Jul.12.2005 at 02:34 PM
Doug Bartow’s comment is:

Check out BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell. A great read into why sometimes intuition (or immediate first impression) is better than rationalization.

On Jul.12.2005 at 03:22 PM
Steve Mock’s comment is:

Always been an advocate of—thought this craft was about—impressions. Nobody spends as much time thinking or talking or writing about this stuff (graphic design, commercial art, et cetera) as we do.

Try to live in that first split second thrill of when things impress, or dawn, or aha. That's what everyone will feel. The impact.

Move. Act. Make something. Then do it again.

On Jul.12.2005 at 03:57 PM
Lyndi ’s comment is:

thanks doug for the book referral

On Jul.12.2005 at 07:44 PM
design is the light of my life’s comment is:

steve, i agree that "we" spend a lot of time thinking about these kind of things, but if you really want to see consciousness stream, you should check out the book debbie is referring to.

(but i guess i should keep in mind that Leo was an adman.)

On Jul.12.2005 at 09:09 PM
Rob’s comment is:

random stars feeling earth moon sun night day sunrise kids work pool hot summer humid crap sucks cold winter sun fall leaves cool fireplace romantic get away mountains early morning sunrise

Interesting how sometimes just 'knowing' gets you where you need to be. Great write-up Bryony.

On Jul.13.2005 at 08:29 AM
Bryony’s comment is:

What I find to be very interesting as I move along the “corporate ladder”, is that clients respond more and m ore to the intuition/gut feeling I might experience and need fewer reasons and justifications. And, as a relationship grows, the easier it gets. Why? I guess it has to do with trust, and the fact that I no longer need to always hide the fact that I selected one image over another because it just “is better”.

But when you telll a new client, it just feels right, somehow it does not fair so nicely.

On Jul.14.2005 at 09:32 AM
Lyndi ’s comment is:

no call phone talk ideas saddness thoughts racecar {meow}

you can use a lifelinememories ring touch smell fear love {meow} regret phone sight train loudness friends rudeness medication work rush through night dreams ah pasta

stomach fullness {meow} em>c) bethoven-final answer

sleepiness depression loneliness spiders rest dreams alarm...


On Jul.21.2005 at 03:57 PM