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Pitt and Anniston’s architectural disconnection in this brief tabloidxplotation edition of Quipsologies.


Concrete Poetry (Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso) in the Tropicalia style (Os Mutantes) at The Brazilian Muse.


There is much more to African photography than Seydou Ke�ta and Malick Sidibe. Here’s a gallery of African hairstyle photographs from the 1950s and 60s. [Via Jaf Project]


I, J, K, L, M — Mean not much at all.
Original drawings for the Marcel Breuer Coloring Book. [Also via Jaf Project]


I could taste the bomb in my mouth. It tasted like lead.
Brig. General Paul Tibbets (Ret.) on dropping the bomb.


Saturday, August 6 and Tuesday, August 9 mark the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The National Science Digital Library’s Atomic Archive has an image and video gallery; and Gensuikin (The Japan Congress Against A- and H-Bombs) has a gallery of photographs from ground zero.


For her photography class, Sophie Tusler visited the sites of several Atget subjects in Paris — Atget Project at Little French Girl.

Jennifer Aniston has found something positive in the dissolution of her marriage to junior-architect Brad Pitt.


Another great concrete poetry blog from Geof Huth with lots of great and obscure links: dbqp.


In branding and corporate news, Adidas acquires Reebok. The superpower merger will take aim at overthrowing Nike. The cost for Adidas: $3.8 American.


Have fun arranging your Microsoft Office icons in the dock.


Sony’s Playstation 3 will support a number of OS platforms. In fact, you may be able to run Tiger on it. Read Sony’s press release and start wondering what programs you’ll want to see on your TV—iTunes makes the most sense.


From the department of Been There, Done That:

Maxell, circa 1988 / Maxtor, circa 2005



“I’m Cumming… [Giggles]”
A new fragrance by butt-baring Alan. [Thanks to Nathan King for the link]


On newsstands now:



TV Guide to get a face lift.

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PUBLISHED ON Aug.08.2005 BY The Speak Up Authors
Kyle Hildebrant’s comment is:

The 'Cumming' Campaign is frightfully interesting. It's a bit like watching a car accident. That said, what the hell was the thought behind the type treatment? The design seems very miss guided. Nathan?

On Aug.09.2005 at 01:00 AM
Glen O'Neil Villegas’s comment is:

I think the font used for the logotype is Will Robinson.

On Aug.09.2005 at 12:58 PM
Nathan King’s comment is:

The font was determined before I was brought into the project. It's the same font used at AlanCumming.com

On Aug.09.2005 at 01:36 PM
Kyle Hildebrant’s comment is:

I smells of 'client direction'. ;)

On Aug.09.2005 at 01:53 PM
Nathan King’s comment is:

Yes - by the time I was on the project the bottles were already done. There was no turning back. Though I am not a fan of the font (or the Verdana used on everything else), it does a lot to make the product different and recognizable.

The inside of the box is my favorite part:

On Aug.09.2005 at 02:51 PM
Kyle Hildebrant’s comment is:

Actually it looks a little better in print, on web, it looked as if the letters were 'distressed'. But still, the Verdana, in print? :(

I really do love the inside of the box. That is something I try to do a lot (giving equal attention to the inside).

On Aug.09.2005 at 03:50 PM