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In this late night edition of Quipsologies: shopping carts, ectoplasm and bugs.


Pictures of people pointing at nothing. [Via boing boing]


“A designer is trying to reduce Britain’s mountain of old shopping trolleys - by turning them into furniture.”


A wealthy lawyer says he must be the ugliest man in the world after having 5,000 marriage proposals turned down.


DNA enhanced iPod Nano.


For the first time in history, Skewville, America’s most subversive street art twins, will be unlocking their doors and allowing the public to explore their secret laboratory. October 1 through November 1. [Via Gothamist]


A fascinating exhibition of 19th Century photographic experiments from the spiritualist movement; including images of ectoplasm emanating from mediums, floating chairs, ghost images, spirit writings, séances and proto-kirlian images of vital fluids: The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult opened last week at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City; just in time for Halloween.


Nushu is a secret Chinese language created and used only by women; or it’s a secret Chinese syllabary created and used only by women — it depends on which linguist you’re asking. Either way it’s beautiful to look at and, happily, reports of its demise are mistaken. [Via Naked Translations]


Designs in connection with postage stamps and coinage may be described, I think, as the silent ambassadors on national taste.
— William Butler Yeats


“Does the Tecto bubble level mean anything to you? Does a word (bird) defecating ring a bell? What about Virgin Atlantic’s haircut?” asks Sarah Boxer in a review for The New York Times of the exhibition Opt In to Advertising’s New Age now on view at the Science, Industry and Business Library of the New York Public Library.


Branded bugs… yup, branded bugs. [Via Kottke, where you can find links to more branded bugs… yup, branded bugs]


Hot diggity darn cool 3d rotating camera effect from the fine, umlauted folks at IKEA.

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PUBLISHED ON Oct.03.2005 BY The Speak Up Authors
Jeff Gill’s comment is:

Watch out, Armin! Bryony is posting links to baby clothes.

On Oct.04.2005 at 04:55 AM
DesignMaven’s comment is:

I trust the Author of the Branded Bugs will somehow get paid for his or her ingenius Idea.

Providing the Concept take off.

This will catch on I'm sure.

Maybe somebody will begin shooting The Day of the Branded Locus.

Gotta be painstaking work.

The Designer has got Skills.

Much beyond my love for Identity Work.

I can see Insect Activist Groups already complaining.


On Oct.04.2005 at 02:38 PM
ian’s comment is:

"I've got to the point where I have even been asking women I am meeting in the streets to marry me, but they always say no."

and that's not working out for him. imagine.

the discussion about the branded bugs on flickr is hi-larious! Design Maven the bug activists are in an uproar.

"you should just do it in photoshop" or "While the work is original in nature, the use of nature to do it is repugnant. Pick up an electric mouse and do it instead of with the real thing. CGI would look better anyway."

i want to know how the hell you catch a spider and then paint it? i almost don't scream like a little kid everytime i see a spider. he has to be knocking them out with some kind of chemical first. has to be.

the nike water bug is my favorite. that could be an entire ad campaign. athletic bugs with logos on them. powerlifting ants, long jumping grasshoppers, wrestling rhino beetles...

On Oct.06.2005 at 11:05 AM
ian’s comment is:

oh the ikea site is brilliant!

it had not loaded all the way when i first looked at it and i only saw the first room with the old guy trying to catch the wine bottle. the chickens flying loose in the kithen is awesome!

let it load all the way and then check it out. brilliant!

thanks for the laugh this morning!

On Oct.06.2005 at 11:15 AM
DesignMaven’s comment is:


If I'm not mistaking, you can kill or should I say humanely euthanize insects and bugs with alcohol. As well, place them in a jar with alcohol which will preserve them.

I remember my High School Science Teacher explaining that to our class. We had a science class full of insects and other smaller species preserved in jars.

I remember humanely euthanizing bugs when I was younger with a Spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle full of alcohol to see if it worked. I only did it once or twice and it does work. Maybe I did it a few more times when I didn't have bug spray.

I didn't Pickle any of them.


On Oct.06.2005 at 11:58 AM
ian’s comment is:

i realize alchohol and othe chemicals will kill them, that's the first thing i thought of too. when i was a kid, my dad used to do it to butterflys and moths and then pose them on a piece of wood and put them under glass bells. but a bug would have to be dead in order to paint on it, right? they all look very alive in the images. also mleak's rebuttal to the comments she was being cruel to insects is:

"All insects were released back into their natural habitat after I had taken photographs. I believe that there was minimal harm actually done to these bugs, merely inconvenience (and that could be argued against as well, as I provided food for them when I could)."

so my question of how can you possibly paint on a living insect still remains...

okay i found where mleak said how she could paint living insects:

"Depending on the insect, I put it in the fridge for 5-15 minutes. They're cold-blooded, so that slows them down, though it only gives me a minute or two to work before they start reviving, so I usually have to put them in a few different times before I'm done."

wow. people are amazingly creative.

On Oct.06.2005 at 06:07 PM