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Cabin-spinning cars, creepy-look-like-babies men, creepy-butt-bearing man, and architecture-friendly Brad in this edition of Quipsologies.


General Idea, Baby Makes 3 (detail),

The Andy Warhol Museum is hosting a major retrospective of General Idea’s Editions created between 1967 and 1995; including prints, postcards, posters, publications, flags and embroidered crests. The sole remaining member of the trio, AA Bronson, is currently the director of Printed Matter.


A propos Jimm Lasser’s post on the new nickels:

Two essays on the demise of the “�”.


After last week’s post on Nushu, comes another beautiful writing system. Suzanne McCarthy has a brief article, with links, on the mandombé syllabary; which is used through the Republic of Congo and Angola.


The Nissan Pivo concept car is an electric car with unique revolving cabin, compact packaging, multiple drive-by-wire systems and excellent visibility. The Pivo concept car examines the potential of future electric vehicles. The Pivo’s most distinctive feature is its cabin that revolves 360 degrees, eliminating the need to reverse. A compact body also makes the car exceptionally easy to maneuver.

More info: here, here and here

More images: here

If you happen to be living in a small and confined space and have $10 to spare you might want to call Friends Beyond the Wall


In Germany, a man decides what art is. Him. Nude.


The Bible Society in Australia, a religious charity, has translated the entire text of the Bible into the abbreviated language of cell phone text messaging and is offering free software along with a search engine so people can download the verses and send them on.

Some examples:
“In da bginnin God cre8d da heaven & da earth” (Genesis 1:1)
“God luvd da ppl of dis wrld so much dat he gave his only son” (John 3:16)
“U Lord, r my shepherd. I will neva be in need” (23rd Psalm)

It all adds up to more than 30,000 dispatches.

[Via The New York Times]


Pentagram Summer intern and Portfolio Center student, Dave Werner, sings about why You Belong to PC in the beautifully redesigned PC Web site.


Starting October 10, Project Mentor’s MBulance will be traveling from Maine to New Orleans (arriving on October 21), stopping at 10 cities with AIGA chapters to pick up donations for those designers trying to get back on track with their business. If you are in the MBulance’s path, and you have any office supplies, old computers, PMS books or whatever else you can think of please contact your local chapter. For more information, you can download this PDF.


Brad Pitt and Frank Gehry play buid-a-curvilinear-building together. What’s next, George Clooney and Stefan Sagmeister carve their manly chests together? [Via Kottke]

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David Gilliaert Werner’s comment is:

Thanks for the link Armin. You know, Speak Up would fit in so nicely with Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"...there's your theme song. You could sing backup with the "oh oh oh" part.

On Oct.11.2005 at 09:50 AM
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"'Straight Up'...there's your theme song."

Oh, Oh, Oh... Shut up D-Dub!

First I noticed your clever TIME Word It — very, very cute and clever. Then you pull off another nice one this month. Next you prove that you're clever with wordage and a guitar.

Damn, could you crush my ego any more? What's next? You do magic and juggle? Raise millions to save starving children in Africa? Cure cancer?

Just kidding, sarcasm is the intent. I am intensely jealous of the creativity you've demonstrated here though. You're very entertaining and I hope I get to see more.

On Oct.11.2005 at 10:42 AM