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Word It for January

With or without a cause. It is up to us to take a stand and make a difference. In the petty, in life, in death, in the everyday, in the essential. For one or for many it is our responsibility to rebel against that which we disagree with.

It does not matter if we are 50-years-old, or 5, it does not matter if it is 1 or 500 individuals. It does not matter if we are rebelling against institutions, organizations, governments, educational curriculums, parties, individuals, the system, the unions, our parents, our siblings, a strangers words… as long as we stand for what we believe is right.


Is the Word It for January.

With that said, please read the specifications for submittal, and go create based on rebel, and lets start the year on the right belief.
Word-its will be updated on a weekly basis.

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PUBLISHED ON Dec.23.2005 BY bryony
Bryony’s comment is:

On several occasions it has been requested that submissions for Word It do not include the actual word within the solution. This idea hasn’t really taken off, and I can’t help but wonder why. I mean if you browse the latest round of Rebels, it is obvious that many of the submissions would work better if the stuck-on rebel were removed. It looks tagged, placed at the end, in the spot where it looks or feels not-so-bad. What is up with this?

Why can’t we play with intrigue? With enticing the viewer to think? Do we really need to spell it ALL out?

You don’t think they will get it? Is that it?

On Jan.30.2006 at 01:14 PM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Bryony, you have a good point. But maybe people are just rebelling?

Part of the fun of these Word Its is that they aren't client directed. So much of the paying work we do is altered by other people's decisions, whims, or contrariness.

I find it pleasant that, here, everyone decides their own image just the way they wanted it. If it's weak, that's their best shot. I agree that some look better without the added word. I'm guilty of that. But I usually hedge against ambiguity for Word Its. I think of them as titles or reinforcement.

For the first time, with the new word "WHAT" I chose to explore the readability of typography itself without illustration. It was novel and fun for me. When you tell me: "Why can’t we play with intrigue? With enticing the viewer to think? Do we really need to spell it ALL out?" I have only one reply: What?

On Jan.30.2006 at 07:25 PM
JonSel’s comment is:

I'm so glad you said something, Bryony. I completely agree. Perhaps it's time to ban the use of the actual word, unless used in a typographic composition?

On Jan.30.2006 at 08:10 PM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Ban? Really, JoSel? Oh well, fun time is over....back to clients deciding everything.

On Jan.30.2006 at 08:51 PM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Sorry, I meant JonSel.

On Jan.30.2006 at 08:53 PM
bryony’s comment is:

I am in no way becoming a “directing” client here, I am simply making a suggestion that will make some submissions stronger. While I disagree with banning the use of the word itself, there are some instances where it is really not necessary to include the word, and it looks as an after thought. In other instances without the word, even if it is not a typographical solution, it would fall apart and thus it would not be stronger. In such cases my suggestion does not stand.

On Jan.31.2006 at 08:22 AM
szkat’s comment is:

right on, B - this doesn't sound like client direction, it sounds like a buddy looking over your shoulder. every month there are some shining stars and some that are lame. i'm glad you're taking a small step to encourage people to challenge themselves.

On Jan.31.2006 at 09:15 AM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Sure, why not. It'll be fun....

On Jan.31.2006 at 11:22 AM