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Speak Up Goes to Raleigh

It is painful to make entries while we are down… But if you are in the Raleigh area this coming Thursday stop by Peace College for an evening with Bryony as she talks about the little blog that could.

Details and the such.

PS. Progress on Speak Up’s back end is progressing well. Slowly but surely.

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PUBLISHED ON Apr.19.2006 BY bryony
bryony’s comment is:

Thank you everyone in Raleigh not only for the hospitality but for the tough questions. Both Garret and the audience have left us pondering upon many a thing that is somewhat keeping me up at night.

Dinner was great, and the fact that there was no internet in my quaint local hotel allowed be to actually catch a couple hours of sleep. Out of your control, but thanks for the lovely weather as well.

On Apr.25.2006 at 09:15 AM
Ryan Cuthriell’s comment is:

From behalf the Raleigh AIGA chapter, we thank you for coming down and speaking to us. It's phenomenal what Speak Up achieves everyday in reaching designers and helping design thinking grow. Also, it is rewarding to hear stories of how other designers who are passionate about their craft started their career.

Thanks again. We look forward to Speaking Up with you again soon.

On Apr.25.2006 at 04:56 PM
Mike Joosse’s comment is:

Indeed! It was our pleasure to host you. It's a rare program that provides multifaceted and thoughtful discussion and allows the audience to ooh and aah over cool stuff at the same time. And I was amazed that our slightly ghetto iChat arrangement worked, for the most part (thanks, too, for allowing us to try that on you both).

If you ever find yourselves this way again, we'll provide a more thorough Raleigh experience, involving BBQ, going insane over college basketball, and leaving one's car on the side of the highway for days on end. Thanks again, and take care!

On Apr.25.2006 at 05:49 PM