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The Tribulations, Jubilations and Exhilarations Behind 75 Numbers

As a weekend diversion and a respite of design content I lightheartedly would like to share a little exercise I did over two years ago. For the 2004 AIGA Bingo Night in Chicago I was invited to submit a bingo card. For some reason I thought it would be funny to give those coveted numbers on the card some meaning. This bingo revolved around 75 numbers. I scoured the Guinness World Records to find a record set for each number, from 1 to 75. The results are a mixed bag of funnies, wows and who-knews. Hope you enjoy.

~ ~ ~

Christopher Lee, 1 inch taller than Clint Eastwood, is the tallest film star in a leading role.

The Gaboon viper’s fangs can measure 2 inches.

A Howler monkey’s scream can be heard 3 miles away.

Doc Yeck, a pigeon, weighed 4 pounds.

Augie, a golden retriever, can fit 5 tennis balls in his mouth..

Michael Kearney began studying for an Associate of Science degree at the age of 6.

Jimmy Sköld, a car salesman, swallowed 7 cooked sausages in a single minute.

Charlotte and Donald Knutzen grew a lemon weighing 8 pounds.

Jonathan Friedman was able to balance 9 stainless steel spoons on his face.

Gordon Cates kissed 10 monacle cobras.

The albatross’ wingspan is of 11 feet.

Anne Davison and Charles Wedde have 12 major artificial joints.

The Green Bay Packers have won a record 13 NFL titles.

The largest mug has an outer diameter of 14 feet.

The longest echo detected in any building lasted 15 seconds.

Hoo Sateow’s pony tail measured 16 feet.

Alfred West succeeded in splitting a human hair 17 times.

Dean Sheldon held a scorpion in his mouth for 18 seconds.

Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard spent 19 days in a hot air balloon.

Juraj Barbaric dragged 20 freight cars filled with scrap iron down a train track.

The most mosquitoes killed in five minutes is 21 by Henri Pellonpää.

The world’s longest hot dog, by members of Radford University, measured 22 feet long.

Anthony Kelly caught 23 paintballs by hand fired at very high speeds.

The greatest height ramped by a monster truck is 24 feet set by Dan Runte.

The largest mass bungee jump was when 25 people jumped simultaneously.

Andrew Aston was given 26 life sentences after a crime he committed.

The largest carved sapphire weighs 27 pounds.

Michael Kettman spun 28 basketballs simultaneously.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in 29 feature films, the most by a bodybuilder.

Louisa Almedovar and Rich Langley kissed non-stop for 30 hours.

In a Soccer match, Australia beat Samoa by 31 goals.

The longest civil case in court, in Japan, lasted 32 years.

Dustin Phillips drank a bottle of tomato ketchup through a straw in 33 seconds.

In Thailand 34 couples simultaneously exchanged wedding vows underwater.

In the Czech Republic each person drinks approximately 35 gallons of beer a year.

Ken Edwards ate 36 cockroaches in one minute.

A radish, weighing 37 pounds was grown by the Litterini family.

The largest lantern ever made measured 38 feet tall.

Al Gliniecki tied 39 cherry stems into knots in three minutes using his tongue.

The largest known dinosaur eggs are 40 feet long.

Kirsten O’Brien managed to pull on 41 socks on one foot at the same time.

Vijaya Nirmala has directed 42 feature films, the most by a woman.

The oldest NBA player was Robert Parish who retired at age 43.

Dame Agatha Christie’s crime novels have been translated in 44 languages.

The ostrich can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour when running.

At one point, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was in an unbroken shoot lasting 46 weeks.

Ken Edwards put 47 rats down his trousers.

Leo, the longest cat, measures 48 inches from nose to tail.

The world’s biggest pancake was 49 feet in diameter.

The world’s biggest pecan pie was 50 feet in diameter.

Sidney Sheldon’s novels have been translated into 51 languages.

Kiran Shah, the shortest professional stuntman, has appeared in 52 movies.

The smallest street-legal car is 53 inches long.

Dominic O’Brien memorized on a single sighting a sequence of 54 packs of cards.

Richard Nixon appeared on the cover of Time magazine 55 times.

Bob Dole appeared 56 times on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Ashrita Furman ascended Canada’s CN Tower, in a pogo stick, in 57 minutes.

Allister Brown did a drum solo for 58 hours.

The world’s largest ambulance is 59 feet.

The cheetah can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour.

John A. Kelley has finished the Boston marathon 61 times.

John Evans balanced a single column of 62 identical books on his head.

Ehud “Udi” Buch had 63 letters to the editor published in a newspaper in the same year.

Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval has had 64 cosmetic operations.

The largest paella, by Juan Carlos Galbis, had a diameter of 65 feet.

Cinderella May, a dog, has the highest jump at 66 inches high.

On the same day 67 tornadoes hit South Dakota.

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat, in the biggest romp, by 68 points.

Zorro, the cartoon character, has been portrayed on screen in 69 films.

David “Cannonball” Smith Sr. reached a speed of 70 miles per hour when fired from a cannon.

Brutus, a miniature dachshund, has skydived 71 times.

The Washington Redskins, in one game, scored 72 points against the New York Giants.

John Evans balanced a single, 73 inch-high, column of books on his head.

At 74, James Talbot Guyer is the oldest base-jumper.

Ashrita Furman balanced 75 pints of beer glasses on his chin.

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PUBLISHED ON May.06.2006 BY Armin
Randy’s comment is:

Some Canadians name a studio 76design.
Armin recycled 835 words for our enjoyment.

On May.06.2006 at 03:29 PM
Erick Schluter’s comment is:

Mmhh..Always nice reading!

On May.08.2006 at 09:29 AM
Daniel Green’s comment is:


Since you’re a former Chicago resident, your recognition of the Green Bay Packers is darned admirable of you. However, I need to point out a slight inaccuracy. You’ll be relieved to know that the Pack has achieved only 12 titles, not 13.

More here.

On May.08.2006 at 01:20 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Daniel, only because I really don't care about Football. But that sucks... Guinness lied to me! If you can't trust the Guinness World Records who can you trust?!

I will have to change 13 to:

Julia Roberts has grossed US$100 million for 13 movies, the most by an actress.

Russ Swift parallel-parked a Mini in a space only 13 inches longer than the car.

"Sue" is the largest, most complete and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, measuring 13 feet tall.

Any preferences?

On May.08.2006 at 06:01 PM