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A solitary edition of Quipsologies.



The Times they’s a changin’ their types, courtesy of Neville Brody.
Update: A gallery of mastheads past.


Design firm See See Eye in Atlanta, GA is auctioning posters from the fabuluous Punc’t exhibit by Neenah Papers and And Partners. Proceeds will benefit the family of one of the firm’s member who suffered a stroke recently and is going through rehabilitation. We we wish our best to See See Eye.


From the Why Didn’t I think of That? Department: A handy holster to keep your gun (or stun gun) at quick reach while you sleep.


Steve Heller on I, Goldstein: My Screwed Life and his past as art director for Screwed in this weekend’s Book Review. MP3 bonus.


One of the conferences with the most momentum and best word of mouth reviews, Schools of Thoughts, has an open call for papers for their third installment.


Previously quipped here a while back, but now with attribution: The typographically gifted new TV ads for MetLife, created by Trollbäck + Company.


Dr. Leslie & the Composing Room,” a must read for all graphic designers. [Thanks to Joy Olivia Miller for the link]

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PUBLISHED ON Nov.20.2006 BY The Speak Up Authors
Armin’s comment is:

A small addition to the Times entry: A gallery of mastheads over the years

On Nov.20.2006 at 11:30 AM
Jeff Gill’s comment is:

A handy holster...

It only needs one small improvement to perfect it: make it glow-in-the-dark so that the intruder/sleepwalking toddler/stroppy teeenager can more easily find the gun in the dark and blow out the brains of their choice (yours, theirs, the cats...).

Oh, I Do So miss living in America!

On Nov.20.2006 at 11:50 AM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Dear Jeff, I don't have a glow-in-the-dark holster, but if I did, I'd want a glow-in-the-dark Thompson machine gun to go along with it...

On Nov.20.2006 at 04:00 PM
Ravenone’s comment is:

the handy holster ...they need to make a big version. To hold my sketchbooks. And pens. And coffee cup.... hrm. Wonder how long it'll be until we have the first shooting-while-sleepwalking? (Sorry, sir, didn't mean to shoot you, I was asleep!)

On Nov.21.2006 at 02:32 PM
Kevin’s comment is:

um, armin, you might want to check Joy Olivia Miller's link. Or am I missing something??

On Nov.21.2006 at 06:05 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Kevin, that's where Joy works.

On Nov.22.2006 at 08:11 AM
joy’s comment is:

I am the Bulletin's art director so the link, although appearing out of place in the context of a graphic design discussion instead of one about nonproliferation, is totally perfect.

Speaking of which, thanks for linking to the Bulletin, Armin... and thanks for helping to spread the word about our wonderful nonprofit and its important work by sharing the link.

On Nov.22.2006 at 06:55 PM