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A global-warmth-spawned edition of Quipsologies.



Once more Maira Kalman captivates us completely; this time using photography mixed with illustration. (Extra points for a designer spotting). [TimesSelect Registration required]



It’s better than tag searches on You Tube. What could it be? It’s Wordie. See tagline: Like Flickr, but without the photos.

Look there! Did you see it?
It just might revealing formal inspiration or, more likely, coincidental relationships. Regardless, it’s pretty damn entertaining. Give love to: Logo Hallucination. Note: This one may not make it through all corporate firewalls.



Some “T & A”, done in, um, some Ts and As and other letters.


Yup, tattoos are permanent. So is stupidity.


“[These] are considered musings of supposedly serious thinkers, employed by supposedly serious academic institutions, and published in a supposedly serious arts and culture magazine”: Art Bollocks Revisited.


Way cool typographic illustrations by Thomas Broomé. [via]


World-of-design-cast (wodcast for short) is a new site devoted to design discussion and debate podcasts. First up, Peter Saville.


From the makers of Furby, get emotionally attached to Pleo, the robot dinosaur. [Bonus points for best of use of Cooper Black “o”]


Who doesn’t enjoy movies about staircases set to hip music? This and more at Blu Dot. [Thanks to Josh Berta for the link]


Saul Bass: The Hollywood Connection”. Need we say more? [At the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A.]


For those in the East Coast, the exhibition of “Letter as Image/Image as Letter” (until January 27 in New York) should suffice.


Bad Pun, Saddam Hussein edition.


When you post a video on your home page of your design firm named after you and you start with “[…] I have a concern with the video being aboout myself […]” you know you are just setting yourself up for ridicule. And again. And again.

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PUBLISHED ON Jan.08.2007 BY The Speak Up Authors
JonSel’s comment is:

(Extra points for a designer spotting)

Is Armin the one with the wings?

On Jan.08.2007 at 09:58 AM
Tan’s comment is:

That Cahan video is just sad. He has fallen a long, long way down.

It's like seeing old movie stars do adult diaper commercials. It's just painful to watch.

On Jan.08.2007 at 06:04 PM
Ed’s comment is:

That Cahan video does seem a little wince-inducing, but what's with all the animosity directed at him? I'm not trying to provoke an argument, that's a serious question.

I've followed his firm's work for some time and have always been an admirer. Is he just insufferable in real life or what?

On Jan.09.2007 at 11:20 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Ed, my guess it's just a case of finding a chink in the armor of the giant.

Also... it's just a case of shooting fish in a barrel. You just don't do a video like that on your home page. It's tacky.

On Jan.09.2007 at 05:13 PM
felix’s comment is:

pants with pleats are tacky.

This is just the latest form of brand sales hooey. Its almost as bad as taking your bosses work and tossing up on a critical "dialogue" blog. Or Diablogue®.

Sorry, Arm. I saw a chink in your Armor. (aka: Arminor®) as well. My main issue: who on CNN and CNBC (or even Business Week for that matter) has real cred on subjective, design-related issue? If you didn't answer Steve Heller you found the trap door.

On Jan.10.2007 at 02:56 PM
Shahla’s comment is:

The pool illustration by Thomas Broome reminds me of awe and joy upon jumping into my dad's arms in the basement pool of his best friend's Montreal apartment. After being taken to Shiraz for the summer and then returning, later than first planned, to Canada -the curvilinear pool and spiral stairs down into the water were a big departure from regular rectangular outdoor pools I'd first seen. And the sounds! Too much echo was making me scared.
I was only three years old.

Imagine capturing that experience with Broome's technique!

On Jan.23.2007 at 05:57 PM