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UnderConsideration Survey 2007

As a segue of sorts from the previous post we would like to ask for your help. Five to six minutes of your help to be specific. By sharing your online and offline preferences, your Speak Up routine and other questions in our 2007 Survey: It’s not me, it’s you. I can’t emphasize how helpful the 2003 edition of this survey was and how much more helpful this sequel will be.

We are currently in the midst of an energized push to look for supporters (advertisers, sponsors, printers and other enterprises) that will enable us to keep doing what we are doing and, what’s better, allow us to do more of it and through different venues. Knowing who our audience is is not only eye-opening for us, it allows us to target the most relevant candidates that will be interested in supporting our community. Finding appropriate supporters is essential to the continued progress of UnderConsideration: Server power and storage, self-funded publications that we can offer at minimal cost, programing and coding upgrades to our sites, and a myriad of other ideas are all waiting patiently to be fulfilled. And you can help.

The survey is running simultaneously on all UnderConsideration sites.

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PUBLISHED ON Feb.15.2007 BY Armin