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Qs / Vol. 5 / Apr.30 - May.06

The top 15 out of a 74-quip week. (Boo-yah!)

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 4 / Armin / These soda bottles have been making the rounds in this season’s design annuals. And deservingly so.

A / No. 5 / Armin / It’s blue. It’s a circle. It’s cement. No need to spell it out.

C / No. 2 / Anthony Allen / Urban Outfitters has launched the first horizontal scrolling blog in the history of the internet. Turn it sideways indeed.

C / No. 1 / Joe Moran / How to pass the “wife test.”

A / No. 10 / Armin / A little too many concepts in one product, but awesome advertising-inspired cupboard. [Via NOTCOT]

C / No. 15 / Koz / 9 things I learned about the world according to anonymous stock photo models.

A / No. 14 / Armin / 14! The Major League Baseball record for most letters on a jersey. [Via Uni Watch]

A / No. 1 / Armin / An interview with a designer on a, gasp, non-designer web site! Louise Fili dishes on her designs for gastronomic clients. [Via Design Observer]

A / No. 6 / Armin / The WNBA’s new clothes. (Click on the article’s links).

A / No. 104 (Vol. 4) / Armin / Holy cow! Straight out of the future. Visualizing sketches made on air and then prototyped. Sweet. [Via Digg]

A / No. 19 / Armin / How long before The Man steals these young minds’ creativity: Kid Cartoonists. [Via Drawn]

C / No. 13 / Joe Moran / DesignQuote.

C / No. 120 (Vol. 4) / Joe Moran / Look what Mr. Bierut found!

A / No. 8 / Armin / One of the great web originals, The Grocery List Collection, gets its own book, Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found, courtesy of the fine folks at HOW Books.

A / No. 18 / Armin / Using Our Language: Scans of grammar books circa 1940, with wonderful and witty illustrations on laguage for grade 8 grammar. [Via Drawn]


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