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Qs / Vol. 5 – 6 / May.28 - June.03

The top 15 out of a 58-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 113 / Armin / Saw this real estate ad yesterday in the subway and also wondered if it could get any stupider. You don’t need to live in New York to get it. Dumb is international. [Via Gothamist]

A / No. 102 / Debbie Millman / Top ten things you don’t want to “mean” in an interview.

A / No. 112 / Randy J. Hunt / Lee Freedman thinks his 1972 design for a color-instead-of-letter alphabet is finally ready for prime time. Usable? Definitely beautiful. Get out your decoder rings.

A / No. 4 / Armin / Trashy gossip magazine Star does a little Photoshoping on Miss Aniston to add intrigue to yet another trashy, gossipy story. [Via BWE]

C / No. 139 / Joe Moran / Very funny. (Wait for it. And, move your mouse around. And click it every once in a while.) Via Computer Love

A / No. 109 / Armin / Pie charting the world’s flags, according to color. Make sure you go to the bottom for a all the flags combined. [Via Digg]

A / No. 2 / Armin / Morphing 500 years of female art portraits. It gets especially cool towards the end. [Via Boing Boing]

A / No. 104 / Armin / Not visually exciting, but if you have ever wondered what typeface some of the major corporations use, this is the list for you. Is anyone as troubled as I am to see Rotis there ten times? [Via UnBeige]

C / No. 138 / Joe Moran / 15 Worst iPhone Concepts. Hello!

C / No. 137 / Joe Moran / Star Wars, Mmm, Bad Logo You Are.

A / No. 96 / Armin / Inside the Threadless offices. It looks, um, spacious. [Via Abduzeedo]

A / No. 101 / Armin / Wonky navigation, but potentially great site, newcreatives.com, is a database of young talent and their work. Like this brand alphabet… True, not the first but, hey, it’s distressed

A / No. 99 / M. Kingsley / Ruth Marten, one of the most talented artist/illustrators around, has just launched a new website which features altered 18th-century engravings. Go now.

A / No. 3 / Randy J. Hunt / Create the next classic lounge chair for Dwell & Blu Dot.

A / No. 106 / Armin / The first computer animation (1974!), and other interesting debates. [Via Digg]


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