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Qs / Vol. 7 / July.23 - July.29

The top 15 out of a 59-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 66 / Armin / Wes Anderson you silly boy, credits go at the bottom of movie posters.

A / No. 60 / Armin / For lack of a catchy sentence: Sharpie, fingers, coordination, some annoying techno song.

A / No. 64 / Armin / The most expensive behind the scenes ever: Damien Hirst’s $90,000,000+ skull. [Via NOTCOT]

A / No. 59 / Armin / Found while googleing for something else: A brand appraisal of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

A / No. 40 / Armin / What could be better than the dresses made out of paper that we Quip’d last month? Dresses made out of condoms. [Via A Socialite’s Life]

C / No. 79 / John Feldhouse / Check out this new typeface from Letterhead Fonts. Hey, it’s not comic sans.

A / No. 58 / Armin / Bad boys beware: Police cars from around the world.

A / No. 63 / Armin / To second Motiongrapher’s thoughts: “Dope type animation”.

A / No. 56 / Armin / Class assignment: Imagine and design the identity of a TV network through an animated opener. (Scroll down for results).

A / No. 67 / Armin / “Admitting that I find process slides a chore is one thing but recently I’ve also realised that a whole series of our projects have almost been designed by accident.” Michael Johnson on design by accident. Which is really the best kind of design.

A / No. 55 / Armin / Orbit gum embraces the street.

C / No. 96 / Ricardo Cordoba / Some people love designing logos so much, they’re willing to do it for free.

C / No. 73 / Gustavo Machado / DesignEducation.ca: Thousands of Design Resources

A / No. 71 / Armin / Awesome t-shirt: Hate = evoL. [Via Digg]

A / No. 65 / Randy J. Hunt / Freelancers Union has gone national and they’re sponsoring a Meet Up near you. Insurance-needy independents unite!


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