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Qs / Vol. 8 / September 3 - September 9

The top 15 out of a 43-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 12 / Armin / The finalists for Madrid 2016’s Olymbic Bid logo.

A / No. 11 / Armin / Pretty amazing, and colorful, poster by French designer Fanette Mellier.

A / No. 17 / John Feldhouse / The always amazing Hoefler & Frere-Jones have a new site.

A / No. 14 / Armin / Can the internet handle another design blog? If it’s as cool, and clever, as Khoi Vinh’s and Liz Danzico’s A Brief Message, yes. Best wishes for a succesful venture.

A / No. 26 / Armin / Philadelphia’s worst logo found. Gets makeover. [Via HOW]

A / No. 10 / Armin / It must be Make Cool Type Month. A hard-to-read one this time, “I re-invented the alphabet using only triangles, cirlces, and squares/rectangles.”

A / No. 22 / Armin / This may be old information, but it ranks up there in the I Would Have Never Guessed It Department: The 100 oldest domain names. 1985!

A / No. 9 / Armin / What’s in a fancy coffee drink? A helpful chart. [Via Dark Roasted Blend]

C / No. 6 / Josh Berta / John K takes a look at vintage kids’ halloween costumes. Weird and funny. This year I’m going as Soupy Sales!

A / No. 15 / Randy J. Hunt / Winners from the 2007 ReBrand awards are filling the gallery at ReBrand.com. September 26th marks the deadline for the 2008 branding award that evaluates the full case-study and transformation of a brand, not just the final product. Go figure!

A / No. 4 / Armin / The top 50 designers, according to The Guardian.

A / No. 8 / Armin / Periodic table of visualization methods. (Roll over stuff to see stuff). [Via A Word in Your Ear]

A / No. 19 / Bryony / Out of 9,000, Yahoo chooses crooked houses for its grand marketing oriented price.

C / No. 2 / Jhayne/ Shelf shelf.

A / No. 16 / Armin / Back to school? Heck, back to work? Core77 gets you riled for this season with a healthy serving of tips.


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PUBLISHED ON Sep.10.2007 BY Armin
Whaleroot’s comment is:

Are the logo options for Madrid 2016 really by professional designers? Did we learn nothing from the London 2012 blunder?

Maybe I'm just more drawn to "swiss-style" design and can't get past the children's handwriting and cut-paper aesthetic.

On Sep.10.2007 at 11:50 PM
Tselentis’s comment is:

With Madrid's logo concepts, we're seeing a reformation of sorts: a return to the hand-crafted. At least 3 of them look hand drawn, but I suspect they are really Illustrator CS (1, 2, 3?) drawn. And why does this one feel so close to Arabic script?

On Sep.11.2007 at 07:32 AM
Ishmael’s comment is:

Should say '100 oldest .com domain names'. Undoubtedly the 100 oldest are mostly .mil.

On Sep.11.2007 at 10:30 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Whaleroot, those logos are the results of an open contest.

These should serve as proof that anyone that says "I can do it (an Olympic logo or other) better in 5 minutes", can't.

On Sep.11.2007 at 01:22 PM
Matt Hunsberger’s comment is:

The oldest domain name looks like it's had the same site since 1985.

On Sep.14.2007 at 11:03 AM