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Qs / Vol. 11 - 12 / November 26 - December 02

The top 15 out of a 30-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 91 / Armin / Best typeface of the year? Limb type. [Via ManyStuff]

A / No. 95 / Armin / Straight out of some typographic nightmare: The knuckle typeface. Seems awfully appropriate for any upcoming Coen Brothers movie.

A / No. 94 / Joe Marianek / Have an ice holiday with Gotham frozen.

A / No. 92 / Randy J. Hunt / Oh, thank goodness. The Email Standards Project has launched. Please, please read.

A / No. 87 / Armin / Hillman Curtis does Pentagram (again). Try to keep up with Paula’s timeline of partners.

C / No. 37 / Josh B / What would a US million dollar bill look like? Apparently it would be very worn out.

A / No. 80 / Armin / Dear Wieden + Kennedy, “Don’t underestimate yourselves, you are obviously doing really well”.

A / No. 83 / Armin / Carlos Segura tracks logo rip-offs in the car industry… Because nothing beats a Jeep like a Geep.

C / No. 35 / Josh B / Yet another t-shirt for coffee lovers.

C / No. 38 / Jhayne / Custom crazy stripe Vespa by Gap (yes, the same Gap where you get jeans).

A / No. 90 / Armin / The UK’s Channel 4 logo is cool, but what’s cooler is their on-air idents where the logo is harder to find than Waldo. [Via Motionographer]

C / No. 34 / Diane Zerr / Shepard Fairey accused of plagiarism by Mark Vullen on art-for-a-change.com. ]Courtesy of DO]

C / No. 36 / Jeff / FOX wants you to design a poster for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles… Just be sure you don’t “use [your] own original illustrations, photographs or other images, fonts, text copy, and drawings” or any “3rd party elements.” Feeling creative yet?

A / No. 84 / Joe Marianek / The Pushpinian 1969 Mailer For Mayor poster.

A / No. 78 / Armin / Mmmmm… Ice cream lettering. [Via Design You Trust]


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PUBLISHED ON Dec.03.2007 BY Armin
Dualhub’s comment is:

Can anyone, please, name the faces in that Pentagram video?

On Dec.04.2007 at 04:05 AM
Armin’s comment is:

You mean the people faces, or the typefaces?

On Dec.04.2007 at 10:34 PM
Edwin’s comment is:

Anyone else highly amused by the Shepard Fairey piece? Granted, there are some sticky issues when a guerilla street artist transitions into a Brand. wheatpasting construction sites is a wee bit different from designing tshirts for sale in trendy boutiques. But I suspect Fairey would be the first to not just acknowledge, but enthusiastically discuss his reliance on the propaganda art of the past as source material. The author of the piece, however, treats it as a stunning revelation and a piece of crack detective work.

On Dec.08.2007 at 03:11 PM
Dualhub’s comment is:

I mean the people faces, of course :)

On Dec.19.2007 at 07:50 AM