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Designism Redux

Jean-Paul Sartre’s usage of phenomenology saw consciousness as the intending of an object. So I guess that if consciousness is basically existence, then existence is constantly being framed by Something. Happening. To an object. In a particular manner.

Easy enough. But Sartre went farther afield when using the word intention. In his construction, every conscious act, through its intentionality, is self-aware. And while we may not be explicitly or totally aware in every intention, responsibility for our actions remains constant.

Which brings us to his moral declaration that we are without excuse.

Last year, the Art Directors Club held an event in New York called Designism in which designers were encouraged to channel their efforts in a socially positive way. Participant feedback from that evening expressed a desire to learn how others took action. Thus, this year’s Designism 2.0 will place the emphasis on doing something.

The event is in two days (Thursday, December 13, 2007) at the Art Directors Club on 106 West 29 Street, New York City. The phone number to RSVP is 212-643-1440 x10.

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PUBLISHED ON Dec.11.2007 BY m. kingsley
felix’s comment is:

I'm there.

Strangely the AIGA is having a near duplicate event two days later (on Saturday). I guess some things are excusable...

On Dec.12.2007 at 12:38 PM
Paul Stonier’s comment is:

This was a strong focus for the legendary Tibor Kalman, who inspired Stefan Sagmeister, who wrote a great mini-essay that can be found here: http://www.typotheque.com/articles/how_good_is_good.html

On Dec.13.2007 at 11:24 PM