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Qs / Vol. 15 / March 10 - March 16

The top 15 out of a 31-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 12 / Plamen / Have you seen a truly awful piece of Photoshop work? Report it here.

A / No. 33 / Armin / Beautifully photographed water alphabet. [Via VIBE]

A / No. 37 / Armin / Wow, these grocery stores sure look better than the crappy Key Food around the corner from me. Is that Blur in the first picture? Double-wow. [Via Evasee]

A / No. 44 / Armin / “Interesting” way to present a portfolio — only bearable because the work is interesting, without quotes. [Via Manystuff]

A / No. 43 / Armin / Breaking the business card to its bare essentials. Sure beats trying to find a place for office, fax, mobile and alternate phone numbers.

A / No. 27 / Armin / So you know: How to draw leaf script. [Via TypeNeu]

A / No. 41 / A / Alright, this is getting a little too extreme now: Another Shepard Fairey poster for the Obama campaign, available for sale in the Artists for Obama section of the candidate’s store. I think it’s time for the graphic saturation backlash to begin. [Via Drawn]

A / No. 22 / Armin / Pimp my Moleskine: With laser engraving. [Via Evasee]

A / No. 45 / Armin / Tapewriter: “A font based upon the grid of fences. It’s a form of graffiti that makes optimal use of its surface.”

A / No. 32 / Armin / “Infantile posturing aside, Fairey’s art is problematic for another, more troubling reason — that of plagiarism.” [Via Nice Fucking Graphics]

A / No. 31 / Armin / Times New Rope. [Via Manystuff]

A / No. 35 / Armin / I have no idea why this exists or who put it together, but it’s a massive, and massively detailed, database of magazine print ads from 1930 to 1969, organized by advertiser, product, year, magazine… Mamma mia, there goes my wanting to go to sleep early tonight.

A / No. 28 / Armin / Wolff Olins presents The Store of Tomorrow, where I’m not sure what happens, but it does so in London and New York and it involves mystery boxes. [Via The Serif]

C / No. 20 / Chad K / Puting cities on the map that are already on the map.

A / No. 30 / Joe Marianek / Print Magazine announces the 2008 New Visual Artists.


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