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Qs / Vol. 16 / April 7 - April 13

The top 15 out of a 29-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 24 / Armin / Business card for a couples therapist. Clever.

A / No. 29 / Armin / Finally! A reason to link to The Sartorialist: Urban camouflage.

A / No. 31 / Armin / I love it when people spend too much time on silly matters: If Futurama were real. [Via Design You Trust]

A / No. 25 / Armin / Very impressive student work from London-based Rick Banks. [Via Evasee]

A / No. 26 / Armin / Great line of packaging for Lovejoy Vodka.

A / No. 32 / Armin / This is what happens when u drink & drive” states a vertigo-inducing public service announcement from the Mumbai police department. No word on what happens when you look at the poster. [Via Nice Fucking Graphics]

A / No. 37 / Armin / What a great bottle design for Bulldog gin.

A / No. 21 / Armin / Not sure I would try it, but tossing your camera renders some nice pictures. [Via TolleBlog]

C / No. 13 / Mattus / There’re cute alphabets and there’re Neighborhood Alphabets.

A / No. 28 / Armin / “The artist behind the iconic ‘running immigrants’ image”. [Via Unbeige]

C / No. 14 / Josh B / The very funny comedian Demetri Martin uses hand drawn infographics to tell his jokes. video here. And another video where uses illustrations to “enhance” his jokes here.

A / No. 30 / Randy J. Hunt / The thesis project of Syracuse senior Heidi Cies is a wonderful survey of social responsibility in design and marketing curricula: Creative for a Cause.

A / No. 38 / Armin / Classic Esquire cover gets the pop starlet treatment. Aside from some cleavage there is nothing worth celebrating here.

A / No. 18 / Armin / Hard to describe: Some sort of black hole/spiral made out of cell phones. [Via Dark Roasted Blend]

A / No. 33 / Armin / A gallery of adult posters from the 60s and 70s. While these may have been gloriously not safe for work back then, you should feel free to peruse them at work. Unless your employer checks your browsing history, in which case you’ll be labeled as the office perv. [Via Coudal]


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PUBLISHED ON Apr.14.2008 BY Armin
Aashim’s comment is:

Regarding that Mumbai Police ad.
1. It's a fake ad.
2. It's a rip off of this http://adsoftheworld.com/media/online/the_comedy_channel_email

On Apr.15.2008 at 04:54 AM