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Qs / Vol. 16 / April 21 - April 27

The top 15 out of a 22-quip week. Yes, a day late, sorry.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 63 / Joe Marianek / Fake Human Transformers and Real Human Transformers.

A / No. 61 / Joe Marianek / How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pablo Ferro Font. [via Kottke]

A / No. 58 / Randy J. Hunt / Art > Advertising! If you agree, Eyebeam has a Firefox extention that’ll replace ads with art.

A / No. 62 / Joe Marianek / Pixel graffitti IRL!

C / No. 31 / Diane Zerr / Who needs Photoshop when you can get the real thing? 1,000 water bottles on the Salt Flat

A / No. 57 / Randy J. Hunt / “Optima is one of the worst pre-computer typefaces ever designed,” says Seymour Chwast. Steven Heller asks Chwast, Bierut, Lupton, Carter, Helfand and too many other typophiles to name about John McCain’s Optima over at the Times.

C / No. 33 / Chad K / Just imagine the research that went into creating a name for this company. You have to give them credit for their straight-forwardness. Gotta figure out how to get one in my apartment for those hot summer days. (I think I saw them in the Ikea warehouse.

A / No. 59 / Randy J. Hunt / Hanzi Smatter documents the misuse of Chinese Characters. I’m especially fond of the tattoos. [thanks David Barringer]

A / No. 55 / Joe Marianek / Left Right Up Down Under Over Around In Between In Front Behind In Out And Back Again. Yale MFA Graphic Design 2008 Thesis Exhibition.

C / No. 35 / Colin / Part blatant self-promotion, part research: I’m Designer, You’re Client.

C / No. 28 / Kenneth FitzGerald / “Corporate America’s most-overlooked environmental crime, and how to stop it.”

C / No. 30 / Niki / This Ain’t No Disco is a portfolio of some of the best agency interiors in the world.”

C / No. 29 / Rob / Font Bots.

C / No. 32 / Kosal / Fan of type humor? Submit your own typographic jokes.

C / No. 38 / Bauldoff / Helvetica 2.0? Under contract by the Haas type foundry, Team’77 (consisting of André Gürtler, Erich Gschwind and Christian Mengelt) set out to “correct” common issues found in the grotesk typefaces at the time, including Helvetica. Their solution was Haas Unica. This is the 1980 promotional publication by Team’77, outlining the strategy and realization of Haas Unica.


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PUBLISHED ON Apr.29.2008 BY Armin
Todd’s comment is:

Both Transformers links go to the same movie?


On Apr.30.2008 at 10:49 AM
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