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Qs / Vol. 17 / May 5 - May 11

The top 15 out of a 35-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 15 / Armin / Neither Hitler nor Stalin, tanks or bomber planes take as many lives as malaria, as depicted in these mosquito infested print ads (more ads in the series on the right column).

A / No. 10 / Armin / 100 food products photographically compared between what’s yummily shown on the package and what you actually get. [Via VIBE]

A / No. 24 / Joe Marianek / Really Good Images. Forgotten stock photos and 20th century flotsam.

C / No. 14 / Mark / Where do you do what you do? WHEREWEDOWHATWEDO

A / No. 11 / Armin / A hefty list of information graphics resources at newish blog Design Label. [Via ffffound]

C / No. 24 / S Harley Mills / Hilarious: don’t copy that floppy.

A / No. 18 / Armin / The second edition of I Love Typography’s über popular 15 Great Examples of Web Typography. Quipsologies was included in the first edition, and we are happy to report that UnderConsideration was bestowed the honor this time around.

A / No. 19 / Armin / The ultimate guide to Moleskine. [Via Brandflakesforbreakfast]

A / No. 5 / Jason A. Tselentis / What’s Flower Power for the computer? This very unique ‘computer’ could come to a desk near you. [Brought to you by Dell computers.]

A / No. 16 / Armin / TXTNASHUN (read “Text Nation”) is a project by the students of the Art Institute of Houston that questions the preponderance of text messaging language, “We illustrated this by taking monumental speeches and translating them using today’s common shorthand and colloquial Internet speech”. See all images here, or try to look at them in a MySpace context. Like, OMG.

C / No. 18 / Ficke / Interesting scatter plot of personal Twitter usage over time.

A / No. 21 / Armin / The winners of the 2008 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards have been released. Congratulations to Scott Stowell and Michael Bierut. Pats on the back to all the finalists.

C / No. 20 / Able Parris / Letraset in collages…

C / No. 15 / Diane Zerr / Drawing lessons on DrawSpace.com.

A / No. 6 / Joe Marianek / Gum Art: Michel Delgado takes it from the Sidewalk to the Canvas.


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