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Qs / Vol. 18 / June 9 - June 15

The top 15 out of a 27-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 18 / Jon Dascola / Like doing spec work? Probably one of the worst things ever.

A / No. 24 / Armin / A more accurate set of flags for the world’s superpowers.

A / No. 27 / Armin / The Pattern Foundry is an archive of decorative patterns, open for anyone to see, license and use, created by designers and artists from around the world.” [Via Manystuff]

A / No. 25 / Armin / A list of all the product placements in the Sex and the City movie. [Via Brandflakesforbreakfast]

A / No. 21 / Armin / No disrespect to those that lie in and around it, but this has to be one of the most fascinating tombstones.

A / No. 23 / Armin / Very offbeat lettering and design by Australian Benjamin Hennessy. [Via Evasee]

C / No. 20 / S Harley Mills / Archive of Party Fliers dating from 1987.

A / No. 22 / Armin / The Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine.

A / No. 30 / Armin / Winners of the 2008 European Design Awards. [Via Coudal]

A / No. 32 / Armin / Empty your pockets unto a scanner, place your face, scan. [Via It’s Nice That]

C / No. 19 / Ricardo Cordoba / Scientists think there is more to optical illusions than meets the eye. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

A / No. 29 / Armin / Funky navigation and great work by BeetRoot Design Group in Greece.

C / No. 22 / Sara / Kotama Bouabane’s melting words will give you the cold shoulder.

A / No. 20 / Armin / An analysis of the new Wells Fargo ATM machine user interface, designed by Pentagram San Francisco. [Via Kottke]

A / No. 19 / Armin / A gorgeous idea for a flower vase, specially if you like whales, and who doesn’t? [Via ElektroPlankton]


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PUBLISHED ON Jun.16.2008 BY Armin
matt’s comment is:

Hmmm, the CrowdSpring "How It Works" page looks a lot like LinkedIn. Perhaps they got one of their contributors to design that for them.

On Jun.16.2008 at 10:05 PM