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Qs / Vol. 19 / July 7 - July 13

The top 15 out of a 32-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 13 / Jon Dascola / We Just Like It. Hope you do too.

A / No. 16 / Armin / Some sweet Table of Contents examples.

A / No. 24 / Armin / If dogs look like their owners, do typeface designs look like their owner’s handwriting? [Via Drawn]

A / No. 22 / Armin / To stay in the spirit of imitation, per No. 18 below, here is a magazine cover rip-off. [Via Design Observer]

A / No. 18 / Armin / The International Typographic Style (in short, Helvetica flush left on a grid) as it translates unto the web. [Via I Love Typography]

A / No. 14 / Armin / The blog of typographer and illustrator Mike Perry shows you how things get done. [Via VLU]

C / No. 17 / Diane Zerr / >someone is trying to tell you something. They don’t know you, and it doesn’t matter. they say it anyway, writing on the city itself, because the message is important. And so we’re listening. What’s your city saying?

C / No. 18 / Mike / Uncanny similarities between a giovanni pintori exhibition catalog and a certain well known British Newspaper ad campaign.

A / No. 23 / Armin / A little art to get you going this morning: “Google with Miro logo” oil on canvas (92 * 73 cm) April 20 2006. [Via ffffound]

A / No. 27 / Armin / Time-lapse video of designing a magazine spread.

A / No. 19 / Armin / A few vintage spray cans. [Via Evasee]

A / No. 17 / Armin / Funny: Some sort of hobbyist magazine about license plates describes one plate as using “Helvetica Arial Condensed” as a typeface.

A / No. 30 / Armin / Proving that I’m still immature for my age, a Flickr set that made me snicker: Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts. [Via Kottke]

A / No. 20 / Armin / The funky calendars just keep comin’: Bubble-wrap calendar lets you pop the days. [Via BuzzFeed]

A / No. 11 / Armin / Pretty clever. D.I.Y. Google Image search, take it with you wherever you go. [Via ffffound]


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PUBLISHED ON Jul.14.2008 BY Armin
Anthony’s comment is:

Please fix the link to this post:

C / No. 13 / Jon Dascola / We Just Like It. Hope you do too.


On Jul.15.2008 at 01:18 AM
Armin’s comment is:

Oy. Thanks.

On Jul.15.2008 at 05:41 AM