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Word It for August

We have all experienced such behavior, we might of even partaken in it—even if we don’t care to admit it. You know the kind, the one you dread will sit behind you during your next flight.

Obnoxious behavior is hard to tolerate. As a parent, you can understand it when coming from a child even if you can’t stand it. As a college student you can relate to certain teenagers, even if you have risen above their actions. We all talk about it under our breath when we see it happening, as we not so secretly wish we could make it go away.

Obnoxious is the Word It for August.

With that said, please read the specifications for submittal, where we tell you what kind of file we need, the size requirements*, naming conventions and how to provide us with your desired linkage**.

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PUBLISHED ON Jul.28.2008 BY bryony
Pesky’s comment is:

Oh Bryony...why? why??....so many celebrities and politician's faces to Google ...I'll have to avoid the trap...

On Jul.28.2008 at 12:06 PM
Patrick’s comment is:

This one ought to be interesting!

By the way, unless it was intentional, that's "we might have even partaken in it," not "we might of even partaken in it." (Contracted it would be might've.)

On Jul.31.2008 at 09:32 AM