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Qs / Vol. 20 / August 18 - August 24

The top 15 out of a 27-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 42 / Armin / Pimp my Lamborghini… with a Sharpie? [Via Dark Roasted Blend]

C / No. 45 / Yael / Weirdest, most beautiful flowers in the world. If you need inspiration, the forms of these flowering beasts are incredible.

C / No. 52 / Neal S / Maryland/DC regional grocery store chain Giant has launched a new logo.Here’s the old one.

C / No. 43 / NewBomb / So you’re a designer? What kind?

A / No. 46 / Armin / Next time you are in Sillicon Valley stop by the Progress Bar for a drink. [Via ffffound]

C / No. 54 / Dave Werner / Lenticular printing done right. Awesome map solution.

C / No. 42 / Josh B /
Customer: “Hi, I’d like a cake please.”
Supermarket Baker: “Ok. No problem. What would you like the decorator to put on the cake?”
Customer: “Olympic Rings.”
Baker: “You got it.”

A / No. 44 / Armin / 101 Classic Computer Ads.” That’s, like, ITC’s complete type collection in use. [Via ISO50]

A / No. 35 / Armin / Marvelous: The Writing Spoon, shaped like a fountain pen so that you can write with coffee, wine or chocolate. [Via TolleBlog]

A / No. 47 / Armin / A collection of Fanta bottle caps from around the world.

A / No. 34 / Doug Bartow / No one quite knows what these 1967 matchbooks featuring Olympic sports icons are for, but we all do know that they rock.

C / No. 53 / Diane / A cool conversion table inspired by antique printers blocks from Crate and Barrel.

A / No. 45 / Armin / More artists for Obama, this one asks the tough question, “Who Killed Barack Obama?”. Direct link to the image. [Via Artkrush]

A / No. 50 / Armin / Nice, simple can design for the new Red Bull Cola. [Via BuzzFeed]

A / No. 41 / Armin / Shellfish, “a typeface made with shells as a starting point for a non profit organization that raises funds to help the people affected by the oil spill that happened in the Galicia coast of Sapin in to 2002.” Best viewed through the PDF. [Via I Love Typography]


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PUBLISHED ON Aug.25.2008 BY Armin
Tom’s comment is:

The Giant logo is new to Giant, but not brand new. ; )

I'm not certain of the company's history and ownership, but Stop and Shop uses this exact logo.

On Aug.26.2008 at 11:16 AM
Peter Whitley’s comment is:

I've always been instinctively repulsed by lenticular images...until now. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities.

On Aug.26.2008 at 12:12 PM
Ken’s comment is:

Stop and Shop and Giant are part of ahold company. So I guess they are rolling out the logo to Giant.

On Aug.26.2008 at 12:15 PM