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Qs / Vol. 21 / September 22 - September 28

The top 15 out of a 29-quip week. (Sorry for the lateness)

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 55 / Armin / Showtime’s Dexter has a clever print campaign going on with look-alike covers of mainstream magazines. [Via Magtastic]

C / No. 45 / Chad K / I saw this commercial last night and it gave me chills. Fantastic.

C / No. 40 / Jackie T / Sometimes, it’s okay to be an asshole.

A / No. 56 / Armin / Expensive typos. You have to read the little stories, the images are just for decoration and don’t show the actual typos. [Via SwissMiss]

A / No. 62 / Armin / If you enjoyed No. 35 below, please turn your attention to a basement decorated in line art with $10 worth of sharpies. [Via BuzzFeed]

A / No. 52 / Armin / Perhaps the most accurate pie chart ever created: A pie chart of an eaten pie. [Via ffffound]

C / No. 46 / Garrett / People getting punched in the head at 1,000 frames per second.

A / No. 59 / Armin / The finalists in the Best Covers competition from the American Society of Magazine Editors have been announced.

A / No. 65 / Armin / Is triangle the new black?

A / No. 69 / Armin / The inimitable Sam Potts launches his web site anew.

A / No. 54 / Armin / Typotheque presents History Remixer, a font consisting of 21 layers of distinct historical traits in type development that can be mixed and match thanks to the shared metrics in the font. [Via I Love Typography]

C / No. 42 / Sander / A photo showcase of Airport Signage and Wayfinding Design. Included in the article a introduction to signage design.

A / No. 57 / Armin / Curious about laser-cutting for print purposes? Check out this video.

C / No. 43 / Jeff / Wario Land for the Wii shakes up the YouTube interface.

A / No. 60 / Armin / The über talented folks from Barcelona-based Vasava have updated their web site. They are also profiled in the promotional site, Shortcut to Brilliance, for Adobe’s CS4 which is about to drop as soon as you finally decided to upgrade to CS3. [Via Idea Fixa]


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PUBLISHED ON Sep.29.2008 BY Armin
Peter Whitley’s comment is:

Love seeing the Sharpie getting traction. Here are a few Sharpie drawings I made for friends and such a few years ago. Sharpie is awesome. There's a little wood stain and varnish mixed in there too.

On Sep.30.2008 at 10:59 AM
Sebastian Hurmerinta’s comment is:

Speaking of triangles...

A triangle a day

On Oct.01.2008 at 09:02 AM
Si’s comment is:

vol. 22 not 21?

On Oct.01.2008 at 11:19 AM
Si’s comment is:

ooops, they're all vol 21. sorry

On Oct.01.2008 at 11:20 AM